Living Legend ultimate and Friendlier Fire effect distance

Last weekend’s Long Range Gambit modifier on Speyer led me to experiment with card setups for my little-used Veteran, where for fun I thought I’d test run another of those presumed-useless cards, Friendlier Fire. To see what that visually means, here’s an artificial comparison I made later with about half a barrier length (therefore ~2.5 game meters) visible for reference:

The 60% increase description seems reasonably accurate from what I’ll roughly estimate at 4.5 game meters wide normally. At Level 6 Friendlier Fire you could basically fit an additional player on each side of you (effectively all 5 team members with no jostling vs. about 3) if you were all on one straight wall.

It’s extraordinarily unlikely a whole team would gather like that, of course. You’re still not very spread out. Even with 150 Stim per second from L6 Band Of Brothers, a Grenade/Popper/Boomshot-Special can still lead to crying and a group therapy session. I certainly didn’t get any real use out of the slightly wider area of effect in my runs, and the only time I maxxed out at 3 other people on the Speyer guardrail cover wall with me was actually without Friendlier Fire.

I was going to leave my own personal experimenting at that. But I remembered the card description awkwardly says it provides a bigger “radius”. I knew the wall effect can wrap around corners somewhat, so I wondered if that programmer-speak meant its distance was calculated as a circle centered on you, and you could effectively get more “surface area” when factoring in corners or rounded covers. I randomly picked another map to check, and it turns out that pick was important, because if I’d first checked Mercy, I probably would have said “apparently not” and called my testing done:

But I actually checked Bunker’s ‘Radar’ room & Village’s ‘Ceremonial Lodge’, which showed me that the answer is “maybe”, bordering on “WTF”. I noticed apparently even straight walls seems to sometimes influence the distance (see how much farther it reaches on this particular Bunker wall top left in the below pciture). The curve did possibly help in this different case (top right below). And then it seems to goofily wrap into thin air at the sides/back (but not front) of the ‘Ceremonial Lodge’ square (bottom left & right below):

It did the same buggy wraparound thing in the not pictured Pahanu’s ‘Altar’ square-- but only in the corner that faces the ‘Ruins’!??–, such that I’m thinking The Coalition’s Living Legend who coded this effect might need to be Friendlier Fired.

Note that I only checked the visual effect here, I didn’t have anyone confirm that they actually shared the ultimate bonuses on the far visual extremes (or determine just what the heck the lodge/altar mid-air behavior would be).

Anyway, the “simple” test turned out slightly more involved/interesting than I assumed, so i thought I’d post the results. But TL; DR - yeah, it’s still an ineffective card.


You couldn’t have experimented with any other character than one of that filthy New Day group?

My night is ruined.

With Rainbow Swirl weapon skins to make it extra Color Blast-y and offensive.

I suppose I could have chosen differently, but as teachers/professors say, if I’ve made an impact on even just one person in my career, then it was all worth it.

I noticed the extra dose of heresy.

Worth a sin you cannot atone for and subsequent damnation? Fair enough.

You ever notice that glitch where you get the aimbot even if youre not on the wall with the veteran? Would be cool to figure out how to induce that.