Live in a game universe

If you could live in any video game universe what would it be and would you like to be a main character or just a npc with a probably simple life?

Pokemon 100%.

Would you be a monster or a trainer?

I would use my master ball on you Kotes.

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I would want to be just a regular trainer. Just walking around catching Pokemon.

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I would be an irregular trainer who catches regular pokemon trainers and therefore their pokemon.

You would all be shell companies to me.

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Probably fallen order or fallout 4 or NV. Horrible environments to live in but i want to be a jedi and i want to listen to my big iron :sunglasses:

kirby, pop star looks like a friendly place, the classic utopian place in which the inhabitants are mostly at peace, with relatively stable economic, political and social systems (they don’t exist beyond the dedede’s monarchy but it doesn’t seem that people live badly there), the food looks tasty and if you make friends with kirby, who is not a complicated guy, you have the universe on your side

although a problem to consider is trying to get used to how spontaneous that universe is, one day the biggest threats are a guy with a star destroyer or a giant bird and the next a machine attaches itself to the planet and begins to painfully mechanize us all or a guy who with a crown can bend the fabric of pocket-sized reality, casually generate super-massive black holes and move at massively light speeds, wants to enslave the universe, deciding to live there is a Russian roulette, either it goes very well or it goes very bad, but at least it does not leave anyone indifferent