Little hope for gears 5

Played gears 4 since beta to release to now, and I must say this game was a complete failure. So many problems that have been around since day 1, Rewards awful ping and 5 stack teams. just overall feels impossible most matches as everything is stacked against you making it impossible to win. Its clear that they put more time into the microtransactions then they did the gameplay and i have little hope for gears 5 to be anything but another flop



Complaining about pings and 5 stacks…almost like you have never played any Gears game.

TC put out a pretty good product and they have done an excellent job communicating with us.

They do have a lot to improve on for Gears 5, but they are showing that they care and that they listen.


:rofl: I enjoyed that part.

And that was pure gold. :ok_hand:


Say what you want about TC, but at least they’re better than Epic.

Epic literally used to ban people from Gears 3 for giving criticism of the game on their forums. At least you’re allowed to criticize TC.


I have no love for Epic, but that doesn’t change the fact that TC has had transparency issues. Players are left in the dark about how and why many things happen. Even recently they changed KOTH matchmaking without telling anyone and it left some EU players searching for a match for hours without finding one.


I think “a complete failure” and “anything but another flop” is a little too much hyperbole (can you have too much :wink: )

Im excited and hopeful for 5. Even with a lot of the issues we have had, I have still managed some 2600+ game hours with 4.


Probably because TC rarely ever responds to the forums lol :laughing:


I agree on the stacked teams, didnt they supossedly change the matchmaking to push stacks vs stacks? If so its not working about 8 out the 10 matches i have recently played where against teams.

The biggest issue is core tuning, always has been but its a dead horse argument at this point.

I find it odd that people complain about playing versus stacked teams. Find some friends. Make some friends. Play as the stacked team! If you don’t want to take the time to find ways to meet people who like to play what you play then don’t complain about playing solo on a team game. Play the campaign alone.


youre implying that the only way to have a balanced, fair pvp experience is that you play in a squad? what about the folks like me who almost exclusively play solo because of my schedule?

Gears has people of all types playing. A very wide variety in age, location etc. I, myself, have a very busy schedule. My friends who I used to play Gears 1 with and moving forward got married, had kids etc and the ability to have that type of squad became very difficult. Luckily there’s a great feature with Xbox that allows you to look for a group of people. Just lat night, for example, I went and found a group of guys to play online with. Oftentimes when I play with a new group of people I make a friend or two to add which makes it easier to squad up in the future. It really doesn’t take long to find people to play with. It just take a tiny bit of effort.

Now, I’m also not opposed to just firing up a match alone and seeing what happens the randoms that show up if I’m in a hurry. When doing so I accept the fact that it’s possible to run into a 5 man squad. Honestly, just because they are have 5 guys in a group doesn’t mean they will be better. Sure, a good group can be and will be. I’m willing to take that risk if I don’t have the time or patience to take a few extra minutes to find some new friends or gather up the ones I’ve made.


Am I the only one that thinks that what makes a great game is just a GREAT SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN? Gears 2 had a terrible , unplayable laggy multiplayer , but the Campaign was insanely good , breathtaking , deep , vary , full of feels. Aaaaand Gears 2 is still my favourite of the saga , 10 years later.

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Gears 2 story definitely had me in the feels and still is my fave of the trilogy although 3 definitely had its moments gears 2 story ftw

I liked 2 and 3 campaign and to me Gears 4 is the worst one. TC was very lazy making the campaign and judging by all the things TC left out from Gears 3 options compared to 4, Gears 5 will be just as bad as 4’s campaign, 2 player and the characters for the main lead JD(4) and Kate(5) is and sure will continue to be non-interesting.

This 100x. People either are new to the game or have short memories if they think TC and Epic are even comparable. I’ve been on the Gears forums from the start, TC is so much better for this game and for the fans then Epic anyone who says otherwise just didn’t know what things used to be like. Sure they can’t make everyone happy but i think they’ve done a great job so far and we need to take a step back and acknowledge that TC >>>> Epic all day every day.

Words mean nothing if you can’t give credit where credit is due.

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The most I can say is that before I made a post years ago on gow3 and I got banned from forums and logged on with my gow3 stats reset. Luckily we had the cloud storage so I loaded that up and got it all back.

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