Little Escape changes after the update

So, it looks like the loading times in safe room have been fixed.

Also, on Ice Queen Relic Dropshot can only have 2 rounds vs 4 in previous Op.

Flyers’ shields don’t come up for about 10 secs. And if you are Gunner they don’t stop shooting when you activate your Ult.

On Malfunction in Act 2 before exit, usually there are 3 waves of enemies and previously you had to activate them. Now two waves spawn at the same time.

What other changes did you see?


This is a good change, flyers always seemed to pretend you dont exist when you pop your ult.

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Are you talking about the initial shield deployment or regenerating?

These changed made the patch notes:

  • Decreased Guardian/Sentinel shield health from 1200 to 1000.
  • Increased Guardian/Sentinel shield reset time from 9.5s to 15s.

Maybe the initial deployment is linked to the reset time (as say 50%) and because that got extended so did the initial deployment?

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Oh, I should’ve elaborated, I meant regenerating. I noticed on the Split once taken out the shield doesn’t come up for about 10, maybe 12 sec. Just enough time to land a couple of shots.

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