Literally can't do anything. (O.G XB1 Vs XB1X.)

Whenever i’m grinding Surge, or some other fast activity, sometimes… I literally can’t load out of the game fast enough to customize, or anything. I’m just forced in a double-loading screen, I wish there was some kind of grace period to be able to upgrade, and customize cards.


One X + half decent SSD.

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Just ask the host nicely for a second in the lobby to sort your cards. I get asked that all the time since I run an X +SSD, and I’m always happy to oblige.


I can’t remember the exact time difference between loading times for a hdd and a ssd. If I recall correctly it’s 30-45s difference.

Honestly it might be worth it to drop $40 on a small ssd. I feel they are well worth the upgrade.

I run a one x though, so the time advantage for the OG may not be as substantial.

As a side note I was doing a little research on nvme ssd drives today. Was thinking I could take an internal drive, use an external enclosure, and reduce loading times even further.

I was wrong. The usb becomes the bottle neck. No advantage when using a nvme currently.

Point being any ssd seams to give the advantage in load times without a discernible difference among types.