Listen to your loyality

I don’t understand why our opinions haven’t been heard. We have had similar complaints since Gears 4. Believing that because we are loyal to the game we thought we would of been heard. But the makers of this game have disappointed us. Bring back KOTH, get rid of these over powerful weapons, change the leader board crap, give us back option for cross play. And stop damaging the game. What you are doing is not fixing anything, your making it worse. And I shouldn’t have to play with lag compensation, game hacking, ping manipulating, unsportsman like Mexican players who don’t respect others every time we play against them. Maybe the servers should be back in the states.


that sounds like damaging the game to me.


All of servers in North America are in the United States. Mexico is on the continent of North America. Don’t discriminate.


I’m not discriminating. we have seen a change in the way the game runs since the change in servers. And I said states not N. America

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Ah yes

The option to limit who others can play with because you think you’re losing because of their platform. Sorry to tell you but those same PC players would still beat you if they played on a 20 year old Xbox.

The amount of hate by those who chose a less expensive plastic box is ridiculous. Gaming is supposed to bring everybody together but some console players act as childish and stupid as some die hard sports fans when it comes to their teams rivalry games.

Not everyone on PC uses a keyboard and mouse. I use a controller the same way I did when I played on Xbox One X. You have the option of playing with alternative inputs but instead you want to disallow them to play because it’s just another excuse for losing. More players means better balance. Better balance means better matches. Better matches mean more fun.

Forget about dividing a community. We should be embracing each other for our passion towards Gears.


Anakin my allegiance is the Republic! To democracy!


not everyone on console is a jerk and not all pc gamers are nice either.


I actually meant to write “some” in there but deleted it as I rewrote a few things.

My apologies.


Only because your name is @lickilious2000 I’ll agree on anything you say - without even knowing what you say

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Don t get me wrong buddy ,i wellcome a bigger and healthy playerbase,but Its not a balanced matchmaking. Is it not true that you can turn arround your characters faster on pc? And a pc player who Uses kb+m has a huge advantage with precision weapons or am i wrong?


No they really can’t turn that much faster than someone on xbox that has their sensitivity settings set all the way up to 30 and has an elite controller with extra buttons under it allowing them to never take their thumb of off the right thumbstick.

No they don’t really have as much of an advantage as a lot of people think just because they use a mouse to aim. It still takes alot of practice and muscle memory to teach yourself to be good with a mouse. It’s not just point and click like a lot of people think. You have to drag the crosshair with your hand and then click the button to shoot all while pressing multiple bottoms on the keyboard with your off hand.

Their only advantage is being able to get a much higher Frames Per Second rate than even the xbox series x/s can put out. The amount of people that can do that though is fairly small because it takes a pretty large investment into your hardware to achieve 250+ FPS.

I for example play on a 4 year old laptop with a 1050 ti graphics card at 1080p with a controller and only get about 90 FPS most of the time. My FPS dips down all the time to around 60 especially when there is a lot of fast movement happening. My old xbox one s can run the game better than my laptop can sometimes.

I still think they should let people have the option back because it should be our choice instead of being forced into it. I have played with it on and off. While I had crossplay off I never had trouble finding matches so it really is not a wait time issue like they claim.

It just doesn’t sit well with me that we were forced into it but that’s because I have to pay for xbox live to play my xbox online and pc players don’t. That’s why I’m not buying a new xbox and am switching to playing exclusively on pc.

A better option would have been to post on their weekly update that they put out on various social media and here on the forums about how there really is no advantage for pc players asking/encouraging people to turn crossplay on to increase the amount of players to match with.

Instead it is left to us the players to inform people that there really is no advantage for the majority of pc players.

If you think they have such a huge advantage then get yourself an elite controller and set your sensitivity settings to max and give yourself the same advantage. Or better yet plug a keyboard and mouse into your xbox and level the playing field. Gears 5 supports keyboard and mouse on xbox one.

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Why are they Mexican?


Because they are usually the ones calling people bad names during and after games. I have a lot of screen shots of it in spanish.

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What does your gamer tag mean @lickilious2000

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PC players ruin the game, but whats done is done. Better luck arguing for a rebalancing of the game at this point.

How do we ruin the game? For example, people like me. I use controller. Just wondering how that’s much different to console?

Remember when Microsoft didn’t care about pc gaming and cliffy b didn’t want gears of war on pc because pc gamers are pirates?

Pepperidge farm remembers

The game isn’t balanced properly for PC and even Series X players but to a lesser extent. The lancer is too strong/too easy to aim, people walk/slide too slowly yet up-a too quickly. I said months ago after playing on the Series X for a few hours that the game would need a massive rebalancing when everyone/most people played on it, and that’s an accurate statement today, and it applies even moreso to PC players because their hardware is better.

MnK is a different story all together — it’s basically cheating, and there’s nothing you can do about it so it doesn’t even matter.


By aimbots

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