List of suggestions to make Gears 5 a proper competitive title

Haven’t been around in a while. I have a lot of fun with the core game play loot, but this game has so many things keeping it from being a proper competitive title, and I wanted to address that. In an effort to keep this somewhat readable, I’m going to sort it by issue.

--------General ranked qualms----------

  1. Players can dodge difficult matches with absolutely no punishment

  2. Too many play lists. You have a casual playlist, and then ranked. Ranked has 2-3 game modes all on by default, which players can turn off manually if they only want to play a single one. Consolidation of play lists is an absolute necessity.

  3. Coppers should not be allowed to queue with diamonds in ranked.

  4. Map selection has no place in ranked and gives too much of an advantage to the larger team.

  5. Performance based ranked metrics are too easily manipulated by the player on the team who is given the power weapons. Any copper level player can get to diamond if a great stack of players lets the copper have full control over the turret/boomshot/tri-shot

  6. Larger punishments for ranked match leavers

--------Weapon balance (PC player perspective)-----------

  1. Obviously having two weapon tunings is a terrible idea. I’m going to list some things I think would be necessary in consolidating the two into one satisfying weapon tuning. Competitive tuning is terrible, and casual is atrocious.

  2. Competitive tuning issues: Rifles are simply too weak. I know a lot of people seem to want gnasher only, but a rigid meta is the best way to kill off a franchise. And no, being able to use the gnasher is not some amazing feat of skill. I can teach any pc player how to unbind roll from wall bounce and have them wall bouncing with great proficiency in a matter of minutes. As soon as you unbind wall bounce from roll, there’s absolutely no punishment to just spamming the button repeatedly.

  3. Core tuning issues: Hammerburst and Retro are drastically overtuned when taking pc aim into consideration. Grenade/boom shot radius is far too large, as is the stun mechanic on the smoke grenade. Shotgun range is overtuned. Tri shot needs a damage nerf and the turret doesn’t belong in any respawn based modes.

Overall, I would like to see them take the core tuning mechanics, make the changes as described, and give it a try.

  1. Execution rules for downs should apply in all ranked modes unless the player is finished by head shot. Head shot rules should apply to all guns.
    ---------------------General issues-----------------------------

  2. Remove the ability for players to unbind wall bounce from roll. It’s too large of an advantage and takes away any risk of manipulating the magnetism mechanic.

  3. Ranked system built into the game, having to go to a website is silly

  4. Better aim sensitivity settings (6, 6.25, 6.5, 6.75, 7, etc)

  5. Won’t happen but the game should be on steam.

  6. Not really sure the viability of easy anti cheat or battleye, but one of the two would be nice.

  7. Game needs a night mode for audio. Footstep audio in this game is inaudible unless you crank up the volume to deafening levels. Nothing is more frustrating than getting killed from behind from someone you can’t hear.

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make a pc game that doesn’t freeze consistently

Yeah, that too!

You need to play more again, miss those matches you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I just don’t feel it’s a particularly competitive game and that ruins my hype in playing it, honestly. I do miss playing with ya though!

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How can people Dodge difficult matches with no punishment?(the first point in the list)

On PC you can alt f4 before the match starts and you won’t be punished whatsoever. So if you see some diamond 5 emblems or emblems you know good players use, time to bolt.

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I’ve not done it but I get timeout bans if the server kicks me. I imagine writing would do the same.

Who quits because of diamond emblems though? That’s kinda funny.

Nope, no timeout ban so long as you leave before the match initiates. If you’ve lost to a team and recognize the emblems since the community is so small, why wouldn’t you leave when you know you won’t be punished for it? It needs to be fixed in the next iteration of the game.

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Play for fun :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

People dodge and “Dashboard” it all the time on Xbox too. happens often.

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Probably the wrong thread, although maybe not.
Anyway I implore TC to add the announcers back into Gears 5.
Just come off a couple of hours of Gears3 and the lines that Prescott and Myrrah deliver at the end of matches including MP, Beast etc add SO MUCH. Also the rousing music.
Gears 4 feels SO flat in comparison.


Yeah, miss that too.

That would be cool too, I just wanted to focus on the core mechanical issues of the game.

@III_EnVii_III, once I realized that all the other pc players just unbound wall bounce from roll I just instantly lost desire to play the game. The mechanic has absolutely no risk if unbound from bounce, and is just a terribly implemented mechanic.

All I hear about is how skillful the game is and how hard it is to get into, but there is absolutely no punishment to just spamming the button with no regard. That isn’t skill, it’s tedious.

Aha, console players can also unbind too. I just find it too awkward to play that way.

The difference is the best you guys could do is buy a turbo controller to then automate it. A pc player could just go into their mouse driver and set it to do it without even pressing a key. You also are limited in the fov you set, which means more mechanical movement to initiate the wall magnetism.

Even for turbo controller users, there needs to be a punish for abusing the mechanic. It should be skillful, not spammable. The maximum fire rate on the snub should also be reduced. The only way a player will consistently hit the maximum rate of fire on it is by binding the fire button to an unlocked scroll wheel, using a macro, or using a turbo controller. A lot of these mechanics are just designed in a way to give incentive to cheating.

I just think the devs are very green when it comes to making competitive pc games and need to make adjustments moving forward. These are really simple points that more established studios hammer out quickly.

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