List of OP 7 bugs. List here

The bleed calculation for most if not all weapons appears to be based off of the base damage of them, and not headshot/critical hit damage. With some damage bonuses that increase the base weapon damage accordingly increasing bleed.

So when you look at a % of bleed, it is based off of the base body shot/splash damage of said weapon rather than the headshot. A peculiar case is Anchor’s Boltok bleed where the bleed equals 80% of the body shot damage(example value, don’t recall the exact number at max level) per bleed tick, totalling at 400%, but when taken in comparison to the headshot damage, this number totals out at 80% of the headshot(with no other critical hit bonuses in play).

I did this testing back in Op 1 when I thought the bleed wasn’t working correctly as it didn’t take into account the headshot damage multiplier, but I was corrected by someone on it, where my results indicated the bleed % was doing 60%(then at level 5 the max for Bloody Shot at the point of testing) of a body shot per bleed tick, also influenced by the ranged damage dropoff and Adrenaline Junkie.

Jack’s bleed may be an odd case as I don’t know for sure which value it will be based off of, seeing as for most hijacked enemies the base damage of the weapon will be tripled, but I do not know if this goes into the bleed calculation. Mind linking the post if you have found it?

Yes, I checked the challenge progression immediately after getting a non headshot non bleed kill, i.e. torque bow icon in the kill feed, and it didn’t count. In this specific challenge however bleed kills should also count really, since it’s eliminations not kills named in the challenge.

Audio bugs still seem to happen too. Had two matches since the OP launched where all the sound turned into the EAX bathroom filter.

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Any value is different, I’ve tested all variants when Rampage came out and the percentages were all over the place.

Shauny then replied that the percentage is cumulated, based off the base damage (which I already know).

I can try to find the forum post again, you’ll see what I mean.

Eitherways, it’s wrong regardless of which assumption is supposed to be true.

Found it:

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Not the same.

Ok we all know the simple Omen is bugged but is the immersive one too?

I am using its cause the simple one isn’t exactly showing the correct amount of damage taken, but it seems neither is the immersive one. I just seem to be taking a lot of damage from slight shots and really effecting my game in VS, Horde and Escape.

Honestly I could just be imagining things but its just doesn’t seem right to me lol.

Yeah both are bugged. People keep saying to switch to it but both are screwed up. Immersive is worse because it covers more of the screen

In Arcade Deathmatch it only shows one when I lock all the slots on my team, maybe it has something to do with that?

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I’ve been trying to get my head around the Laceration bleed bug that’s been plaguing me. Gets very complicated.

A common value in my clips is the 3000 damage followed by the 275 bleed damage tick on Level 6. Obviously that is incorrect. Its a full spread as well, all pellets hit.

I’m thinking maybe there’s some inconsistencies with the pellets? Maybe the distance? Just theorising.

Damage dropoff appears to influence the bleed calculation, and Laceration was changed - sorry, “fixed” - to apply bleed based on the number of pellets hitting an enemy even before the 5m range nerf restriction(although given the rest of what they did with the class, it is arguable whether it was really so much nerfed as put into a different niche). But I presume that the extremely low bleed is a bug, not that I’ve noticed it happening much if at all.

Yes squire, so many times

We’re going to make an official list of OP7 bugs, and provide a status on each of them where possible to centralise all of this, keep an eye out!


Do you have Mouse Delay sometimes in the Main Menu?

I sometimes have it.

Not sure if it’s above because I’m lazy and didn’t read but the medals for winning rounds and matches in event seem bugged.

Mine say 5 rounds won and 2 matches won.

But I’ve won 6 matches of OSOK - so it should be a minimum of 12 and 6.

Medals are

Event champion
Event victories

Both of those event medals were bugged at launch but were seemingly fixed yesterday. So any matches before the silent fix did not count, hence the disparity.

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That’s all I want

Thanks for the update.

Somehow I got kicked from Horde Tile Maps! Again! Many times!

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It should at least say “kicked by the game” so you can give the servers the big pointer finger because they are stupid and just toss you out of the game for absolutely no reason.