List of OP 7 bugs. List here

It should at least say “kicked by the game” so you can give the servers the big pointer finger because they are stupid and just toss you out of the game for absolutely no reason.

Likely because you’re trying to play Atrium which is experiencing issues for some players at the moment.


Good stuff.

Be nice to delve a little deeper into how exactly the sbmm works on competitive and the changes to the gib range and wrap shots also cheers :+1:

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There it is again, some people have issues but not others. Myself has had no issues playing this map, probs played it about 6 times.

Playing on the standard console.

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I am always kicked by the Atrium. :frowning:

I just played a game of KOTH ( NOT COMPETITIVE OF COURSE). I played as COG and this happened.

P.s I’m Kait

Been grinding some versus medals on some private custom games and anytime I chose the “gnashers only” option I seem to spawn with no weapons on my character, seems to happen mainly when I lock player slots to just 2 players (myself and a bot).

Update: I think selecting Gnasher Only in general makes me spawn with no weapons, not sure if its intentional or not since I’m not really well versed in versus.

At least tc shauny has confirmed there is an issue for some people.

Getting a fix for it is a different story.

Jack’s bleed is based of the actual base damage of the weapon (not the base Horde damage) which is why the Mulcher only does 105 bleed and the Claw only does 98 bleed instead of 472 and 441 respectively (that would be busted.) The HB also only does 42 per tick instead of 189.

Escape damage used to be calculated based on the base damage of a weapon. The Mulcher can be an example. Back in the day, its base damage was 120. Horde damage is the base damage of the weapon times 1.5 (some exceptions exist) and Escape damage is the base. However, that was changed in OP4. It made it so weapons did 25 percent more damage in Escape than before. They also buffed the Mulcher’s base damage from 120 to 150 but in game, you would only see 187 and 225 for Escape and Horde respectively which proves that they left base damage alone.

Knowing this, if you look at the Mulcher, its base damage is 150, Escape damage is 187.5 (it rounds down) and Horde damage is 225. The bleed of 105 is 70 percent of 150 and that is what Jack’s bleed is based on.

I know you know this already but this is to help those that don’t know already.

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Guess the OSOK medals are still bugged lol

Complete 5 matches: 1/5(which was the one I played a day or 2 ago)

I played 4 or 5 tonight… lol

I can’t get into a single game on atrium on pc. Kicked as map loads every time.

Any chance of this being fixed before the event ends so I don’t miss out on stars and coins?


Neither FFA 8 nor FFA 14 counted to the Daily Objective but at least it counted to the Medals.

I might be losing my mind, but the triple-B combo is very inconsistent now. It feels like half my B holds dont even register, and then I’m left standing like an idiot while the Drone Elite 720 no-scope elbows me down.

Before OP7 it worked almost everytime for me, now it feels like a coin flip.

…Elite Drones always hit back before your third melee attack.

Unless they are swinging a grenade or you start the combo as they are mantling over cover.

There are these and more exceptions but you are right that generally elites will smack you down before your third hit.

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Right… but the point is the B hold not registering whatsoever. Like nothing happens. The first two melees work just fine, but the third doesn’t.

Regardless of the enemy I’m meleeing, be it an Imago, Drone Elite, Theron, etc. The third melee bash has been horribly inconsistent as of late, for me anyways.

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Might be the ghost melee issue @HerrKatzchen has brought up a number of times in the past few months, still no TC response on that one.


Mentioned this in another thread but just in case it was missed, there is an issue with the lobby filter. If you check the boxes to search for only classic horde lobbiies, it returns no results. If you check the box for horde or frenzy, or leave all boxes unticked, the classic games will appear.

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Try tap B(1st hit) + hold B(2nd hit and 3rd hit)

There’s a tiny window where an enemy is coming out of cover (usually when you melee them from an angle when theyre on the edge of cover) where they become immune to the stagger effects of a melee strike including the kick. Could this explain it?