List of errors I’ve come across

List of errors that make the game annoying instead of fun which also serves as evidence of how TC can’t get something done correctly:

1- ok, you recently fixed the illustration of the cards for horde and escape, even though it doesn’t make sense why they were altered in the first place but then you go and change Mac’s face, leaving it badly…why? Seriously …WHY?
2- ok so you disabled the feature that allowed you to see other players when pressing right trigger while
On ranked matchmaking lobby, but guess what? You also disabled the ability to kick noobs from horde and escape ! Was that intentional? Or accidental? Seriously, we don’t know due to sooooo many mistakes in the game; anyway, bring it back, as it is ANNOYiNG not being able to kick noobs out of your horde/escape match
3- the game suddenly freezes and kicks me out to dashboard, sometimes my console just shuts off… I mean, seriously…
4- lockers don’t fully load GL explosives for JD who can carry more…why? Error or intentional?
5- Sometimes I cannot press door buttons to open and close when playing a escape match,why? I know why, cause you don’t due proper testing
6- when dying in escape mode without rescuing allies from cocoons, the match just continues without acknowledging there is no one playing anymore…seriously …
7- sometimes,
On horde, I’m not able
To see the amount of energy in the fabricator…
8- The game doesn’t count popper kills when you actually kill it before exploding? Is that too hard to put together or you simple didn’t care?
9- when waiting for ranked matchmaking, why does it kick you out and then restarts without letting you choose map or character once you’ve reached lobby??? ??
10- this counts as an error: whoever had the “brilliant” idea of replacing chainsaw B button for RB button, should be shot, really, why would any senior position allow something like that to be approved… it doesn’t work simply because it also serves as reload button, it’s
Obvious it’s gonna fail. I bet TC thinks is “innovative” but it’s not, it’s foolish and ridiculous.

As you can see, you sold your game with all this deficiencies, you should be ashamed. Are we ever gonna get the finished product ??? Do you even have the capacity to pull up something like that? Seriously, it is ANNOYING


I am a PC player. I have noticed or been affected by items 2, 4, 5 and 10 since the recent update.

Is it me or do lockers top out at 5 GL rockets even though I have full launcher capacity?

This has happened to me. I just couldn’t press the open door e key even though wasd keys on the keyboard were working fine. I couldn’t fire my weapon with left click on mouse even though I could aim with right click.

Safe room doors in hives now take longer to open also


i do not see TC on that list… for shame lol

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That is a pretty short list bro!

If I made this list it would probably take up most of the forums.

I miss Epic games . They would honestly fix things unlike The Coalition.


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