List of CURENT BUGS AND GLITCHES in gears 5 that i know of on XBOX! PLEASE FIX!

1 playing horde on master AND GAME CRASHES ON WAVE 50 and other times only on
master for me!
2 2 years later tap is taking damage while repairing it is still in the game!
3 i grab a fortification GET HIT AND THE FENCE or whatever permanently vanishes while NOT being destroyed!
4 as jack can get stuck in middle of bridge from underneath still there.
5 some enemy’s just stand there… ok that one i dont mind lol feal free to never fix that one.
6 BROKEN HANDS where you cant see your weapons.
7 Broken hands again but unable to shoot the weapon.
8 Broken hands and BROKEN BODY where you cant move and HAVE TO QUIT THE MAP!
9 Jack puts a weapon on weapons locker and the weapon glitches in some way or form.
10 TELEPORTING ENEMYS where a juvie or worse can TELEPORT through a wall! iv seen this 2 or 3 times over the last week alone!
11 in campaign on CO -OP the game has LAG issues.
12 in campaign on rocket fight as tentacle boss trys to get you my friend fell through the floor to the bottom fight where bosses head gets roasted by the rocket.

this summery is of the glitches me and my friends have found after the so called… last update. this game is still broken in so many places. coalition please fix them already!

p.s. if you guys find any bugs of glitches feel free to list them below!

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Thanks for your attention to detail.

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i just want this game in a better state :slight_smile:

This happens because youre blocking doorways/tight spaces with the fabricator. An easy fix is to just not block door ways with the fabricator.

  1. Ghost melee. Doesnt happen very often to me but its still a problem.

  2. Certain enemies not having audio.

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The one glitch i like in horde is when power teleports into jack while im invisible. Usually stops if I hi-jack anyone but its helpful.

Works as part of a door block.