List of bugs, fix your game

Well first of all you may notice my game is in both Spanish and English… yeah

Remember our good pal Pepsi man? He is still there, TC still doesn’t fix it

This one is the most annoying one for me, weapon skins don’t appear in custom horde, I play a lot of that so it’s pretty obnoxious

2 months since launch and we still have a lot of bugs, there’s plenty I didn’t mention


Totally agree.

I also have exactly the same situation.

Same here! But for me half italian half english :smiley:

Wtf is that… I have never seen Pepsi man before… I want him take my :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:

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He’s like in 1 in every 6 games or so for me, I may as well play as him lmao