Liquid metal skins

Are they ever going to add liquid metal skins to Gears of War 5?

Someone didn’t look at the Op 3 post


Yes they just announced them today for Operation 3.


Along with Niles, which was previously Iron-Only, so–wonder what they’ll do now.

Where are the Niles skins

(Zoomed in so you can see it better),
I spotted the Snub, Boomshot, Dropshot & Boltok. Maybe it was a mistake but they’re there–and have only been in the Store for Iron in the past, but now they’re appearing under “Free Earnable Content”

TC pulled this same scummy tactic with the Matte Black and Rainbow Swirl skins in OP2, as some were free but I don’t believe the previously paid for skins were opened into the TOD or Medals.

I was wondering where I got the matte black torque…

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Yeah they do this with other weapons.

However, they do not give away the store exclusive content. The store only had the Niles lancer and Niles gnasher.

So those two weapons are exclusive to the store.

Same with how you can only unlock the matte black and rainbow swirl skins that were not in the store. For example, the rainbow swirl embar was not in the store, only in tour of duty operation 2

Yeah, as I stated, that’s what makes it so scummy, selling out once store-exclusive sets with free sets so you’d have to spend some money for the whole set.

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Agreed. To think I was going to buy the Niles lancer and gnasher if it came back to the store haha

D-does that say 52 iron? Lol wut.