Liquid Metal Jack!

A “Liquid Metal Jack” skin would be just about the most badass skin ever…


Not ever. But would look good. A black Steel Jack would be awesome also. It won’t happen though.

Might be possible. Jack has already had a few skins that matched a particular weapon set.

I’m waiting on a top hat and monocle skin for him personally.


Where’s my Claptrap skin!

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Thrashball Jack!? :crazy_face:

Planter’s Peanut Jack. :laughing:

You can`t use the skin on any map that has stairs.

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Black Phantom Jack & Gilded Jack.

I wish this exist. Got the weapons from the Raam challanges. Right now the only skins i can use are the halo jack & and the hot rod jack. (I don’t want to wear any other outfit in the store that everybody can wear. Just to stand out to be different from other jacks.)