Limiting Emotes

Is anyone else annoyed by emote spamming? The emotes in the game don’t contribute to the gameplay. Additionally many emotes seem to be in the game to encourage profane player behaviour. To avoid the toxicity associated with online gaming I don’t ever use mic while online unless in a party with friends.

While I am not offended by the strong language in gears of war. The profanity and other obnoxious taunts associated with emotes are player controlled. Some players seem to love to spam vulgar and obnoxious taunts. Unfortunately their is no way filter out vocal emotes except for disabling character dialogue.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


TC doesn’t see it as a problem. When a discussion about this came up in one of the twigs a community manager basically told us to message the player doing it and ask them to stop lol. I don’t have anything against emotes in the game per say but the level of abusing them is phenomenal lol.

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Emotes are used for communication, but not all emotes are used that way. Yes there are spammers but that’s to be expected. And people insult people all the time, that’s not just gears but that’s really any competitive game in general. I’ve been tbagged plenty of times and no nod, so it doesnt phase me anymore, emotes dont bother me much and I find them fun at times but that’s just me.

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*Dana, who never should have been hired to begin with.


Well actually it was Sera lol. It came up around the time they announced they were disabling chat for a safer experience for new players lol.


Oooooh, that thread. Yeah, I remember that one. Good thread.

Dana also dismissed emote-spam on one of dev-streams as “haha, it’s funny”.

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I remember that one. That was one of my moments of screaming at the stream going “do you even understand the fracking question”. At least kilo knew what people were talking about when it came to the lancer bug. That one was painful to watch lol.


There is no reason for a player to spam “they f*cked my tomatoes up!” , “boo”, and laughter over-and-over again. The emotes are certainly not in the game for functional communication. Tactical emotes aren’t even equipped or present for many characters by default. Emotes exist to be monetized.


I know at least 1 person who disagrees.

Clearly there is a reason because people do it lol. People do use them for communication but not all people like I had mentioned earlier. I’m not upset by emotes personally, I dont mind them but i could live without them. But i can see the appeal of some emotes like the gunslinger or the weight lifting ones. They are fun but they can also be abused.

My opinion is it’s just a game for everyone to enjoy and play with. If everything is restricted like limited emotes, it’s not fun.

Well, maybe some players like me like to abuse the emotes because I like their voice line.

Annoying?I don’t really think the abuse of emotes makes people mad or get tilted. It depends on how the situation use.

What people should do are to accept this phenomenon instead of requesting TC to do something (which affects you emotionally). However, it should be an option for you to mute player’s emotes, which I absolutely agree, if you don’t really like it.

Giving option is always the Best Solution instead of restricting them.

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Tbh I don’t mind the emotes an actual decent addition though some are questionable like the night fever dance one.

People will always take the piss spamming but certain ones are very useful for communication and other ones are just hilarious to use like the crying face when you’ve bodied someone who’s been doing your head in all game :rofl:

Should be an option to turn them off or something well the voice ones anyway

Disable chat because it’s toxic but can’t disable emotes because that’s unfair.

The logic is so dumb

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Never should have happened. Who ever suggested and who ever put it through should be let go. No developer should ever do something like this.

Any way don’t want to derail the thread but their attitude towards emote spamming is rather disheartening.

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An option to turn off emotes would require work and effort. Turning an option off doesn’t.



I don’t give a crap if the emotes have swears in them. It’s still part of the character’s personality. I just hate the spammy and interruptible nature of these emotes.

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During summer I planted tomatoes and the neighbours sprayed their plant killing chemicals over the fence, I needed to communicate it with everyone over Xbox live to vent so I choice they ■■■■■■ my tomatoes up, gears of war allowed me to vent my frustrations via emote spamming so maybe they got their matoes banished too?


Isn’t that destruction of private property? If you could prove it was them, you could likely press charges.

There’s a few examples in this thread that they (we) clearly agree lol with the spamming part anyways. I am on the side they are still useful when used right. But a mute option for the annoying spammers is most definitely desired.

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I think it’s annoying so I just turn off character dialogue lmao

I then turn it on afterwards