Limited amount of diamonds?

Can someone clarify something, is there truly a limited amount of diamond players? For example I am D1 at 83% in tdm. Done playing TDM for the season (most likely) and gona start grinding koth. Does that mean if I just dont play tdm I am blocking others from achieving diamond? If so that’s kinda bulls**t

I think so.

Nothing against you but I hope you’re sincerely mistaken.

Diamonds themselves aren’t rare. There are billions of tons of the rocks.

However in Gears 4 - they represent the top 2% of players or around that figure.

I don’t think you not playing will have a major impact on the majority of players.

Plenty of Diamond players stop playing, make a second account and then get to Diamond too.

There is a limit or a certain amount of people that can get it simultaneously but remeber, new players coming in all the time so this expands the pool and also Diamond players do drop down and others go up.

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Yes, the site stats page used to indicate the total amount of diamonds per game mode, but they removed it.

For King of The Hill I know its 0.5-1% of the total game population

I didn’t find it any eaiser to get Diamond at the beginning of the season vs the end of it. So, I don’t think you not playing has much impact on other players. If it did, I would have found it more difficult to get Diamond near the end of the season.

Also, I would think of it more like a numerical rating. Let’s say you have 2500. People can still get up to, or pass, your skill rating even if you don’t play (2500+), so they can still get into Diamond even if you’re there. If 2% of the population ends up passing your rating while you’re not playing, you could even drop down into Onyx (but that won’t realistically happen).

I wouldn’t think so

From my own experience I know how hard it is to keep Diamond 3 or higher. I was dropped 80% yesterday which brought me back to D1. I was Diamond 5 in season 3 bur only for like one week or two, then I went down to D4 because I wouldn’t get any percent from winning but lost percent from every loss.

I don’t think there is a “limited” amount of diamonds. I just think that it is really hard to keep your diamond if you once have gotten up there to Diamond 3 or higher.

I also believe that if you stop playing TDM, you eventually get dropped out of Diamond. I’m not too sure but last season I stopped once I hit diamond, and I came back as an onyx 1.

I’m not sure cause this is my first season playing, but I played gears 1,2, and 3. I think if you end high you may start higher next season. I know this season though I started as a bronze 1.

This is because when the season reset the highest you could re-rank was onyx 2, but most often it was onyx 1.

I can confirm that you do not lose diamond if you stop playing until the new season starts.