Lil announcement

So I normally dont ever talk about myself because I feel pretty embarrassed to ever talk about anything thats going on in my life but Im proud of a moment and really taking a big step in my life.

Im gonna be leaving to basic training (boot camp) for the USAF next week, im definitely feeling all kinds of feelings but I wanted to share this with you guys because I love this community very much, good people all around. Anyways that means that I wont be commenting much but ill pop in whenever I can to say hi and such.

Thank you all for being such good friends and giving me memorable moments.


Wishing you the best for your future mate!


Hope all goes well man.


Nobody will miss you

Wow, well done Zoomie. Hope you find a fun specialty. :slight_smile:

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I love you too Kyle.

I like to think I picked a good speciality, mines aircraft armament systems. Ill basically load and test bombs on aircraft before they head out.

I can take it out to the civllian world as well, all the other jobs are like being an assistant to the regional manager.

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Hells yes. Come back to us with all your fingers though. Or you may be tempted to try an alternate control scheme.

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I already use tourney, i might have to resort to claw if i lose a couple fingers :joy:

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Or worse, skim off your GI BIll to buy a controller with paddles!

I already know im gonna buy a series x when i get my first duty station :joy:

Ugh never. Ive been good without them, dont need to change that now.

Appreciate that Ghosty!

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Good luck, have fun :heart:

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goodluck i hope you get to fly the planes

Id have to be an officer in order to become a pilot. If i end up making it my career then ill definitely try out to become one.

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Congratulations on choosing a career and growing as a person.

Good luck in the chair force