Like Always Coalitions Once again with their stupid updates 🐒

I don’t know who Hired this company, but you guys suck as a Company. I will never buy another gears. You guys don’t care about us. You only care about how beautiful the new skins and Characters looks and Ripoff people’s pockets. Another stupid update .:woozy_face:

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Yeah. Okay.

Yea okay What ?

You know, not to be rude or anything., but If you look around on The forum their is like 3000 post about this :woman_shrugging:

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I know and I will be the 301 :man_shrugging:t2:

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What specifically has annoyed and/or frustrated you ?

But i wear speedos


People who has been playing this Game since gears 1 knows, that Gear of War 5 is the Worst gear in history. We play gears because we know for sure is a good game. But Since Coalition have gear In there hands, all they do is take everything that Epic did on there games. Why not living the game as is and be a little more smart in there updates. First they Take out 5 vs 5, than they put only 2 friends can play tougher, than now they take Aim Assit ? For what ??? That is Mrico managing the game. Focus more and what people wants bro.

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LOL would you like some soothing cream?


Here we go another bully, you can shove that in your ■■■

I haven’t had any aim assist since Op4.

Well that is you my friend

Bully? You come on here, making vague attention seeking posts where you don’t even describe what the problem is, and you expect a civil response? Jesus wept. GOW fans… they’re the gift that keep on giving.




Well, MY bum is certainly soothed by that response! :smiley:

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Like you my friend, I did express my self like others, if you are so sensitive DONT READ IT :man_shrugging:t2:

So much projection…

So much reply :joy:

Oh dear. Well, this has been truly wonderful. Love you,

He means see you in Gears 6, friend.