Lift sutter - is it open or closed?

the shutters in Lift appear to be broken

  • some people say them as open when they were not (removed my vid as it has some unfortunate language in the game chat)
  • they do not respond to the button being pushed

(I also think this is the same case for smokes sometimes)

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I encountered this bug earlier today. It’s open but you can’t throw nades through it.

LOL, Why is it no suprise that people are seeing different gamestates on screen compared to team mates and opponents.

Seems to be a new OP3 bug. I went into the room, shutters closed and died. Kill cam showed the sniper took his sweet time to land a perfect head shot while the shutters were… yup, closed. He either had x-ray or they were open for everyone but me.

Its definitely a bug, both me and my lady play on seperate consoles and on lift it’ll show closed on mine and opened on hers and vice versa. Getting sniped when the gate shows its closed is frustrating.

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TC are aware of the Bug :slight_smile: