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Lifetime Gears Players...signing off

Im done. Taking way too long to fix skill points. Just went 27-5 with 3235points, 1st place on my team. I LOST 1115K RANKED POINTS. Tired of waiting for fixes while the shop gets flooded with crap. It is clear the focus is on feeding us mirco transactions while dangling the carrot of the “glory days” in our face.


I don’t understand why people continue to announce when they’re done playing. I also don’t understand why people continue to play ranked when it’s completely broken. Do you enjoy frustrating yourself?


Rank is broken, TC knows it, fix/rank reset coming Nov 13th. search%20button


Well its a community and we are all players. Its valid to share thoughts and feelings.

Is it wierd for anyone to announce that they just started playing?


People announce when they are done playing because it makes them feel better and it is their right as a consumer to announce their displeasure with a product. We were promised an update. The update did not come. The player base has the right to be frustrated. Companies that adopt bad business practices like this will never change if the majority of the player base is too passive to express their disappointment either through forums like this one or with their wallet, or both… Any other questions?


Does it really make you feel better tho? Knowing TC and the majority of the player base don’t care at all if you continue to play or not. And the update is coming November 13th it was delayed for legitimate reasons unless you rather have it drop with more problems then fixes.

I never said we cant be frustrated or express our displeasure with this disaster of a game just recommend doing it to people that care.


The rank points are where you draw the line? Not the inconsistent game play? Or dummed down combat? Rank points are the least of my concerns I just want the game to be back to its glory. I have ranked all the way to bronze 1 I find it comical and just work on my tour of duty. I get frustrated actually playing the game and that’s where it begins and stops.


Right? As soon as I found out ranked was broken I stepped away from it completely to save myself the frustration and disappointment of being placed in ranks I don’t belong and just worked on my T.O.D in casual. I mostly just play the special events now and occasionally horde if I need to quickly do a star challanges.


You know you could also just not care, play for fun, or wait until the fix is applied. Everything is getting reset anyway.

These threads are pointless.


Oh ok cool. See you in a day or two.


If you were right, and TC doesn’t care about a frustrated player base, they would not have released a free skin. You doubt the power of your voice, this is sad.

Also, the hypocrisy of your post amaze me. You “recommend doing it to people that care,” Yet are on a thread expressing your criticism with my post to me and as a result are “doing it to” someone that doesn’t not care". Perhaps you should take your own advice?


They don’t care about the frustrated playerbase and you’re delusional to think that a single individual matters to a massive company.
They released the blood moon as a sorry for having to delay the update and to keep the back lash at a minimal.

Ah yes I shall take my own advice and express my displeasure of your pointless thread to the mass majority of people on this forum that are tired of seeing tired posts like this that always feel the need to mention how long they’ve been with the franchise thinking it makes a bigger impact on their departure when in reality it doesn’t. I’ll leave it to the others to tell you no one cares.

So they release the skin “to keep the back lash at a minimal” Wait… I thought they didn’t care…

If you are “tired of seeing tired post like this” then you do care and my post is affecting you. Mission accomplished!


I do think they actually care allot.
And thats why they pushed the update a week.

They are listning and starting to communicate.

You guys should not minimize a person that express a call for game over.
This is one person that feel like even go onto a forum and express it. Imagen how many people that just dont do that. I mean allot of people feel dissapointed and disrespected.
And will just do other stuff. Lesser and lesser players will play the game. How fun is that?


They care about the potential money loss not the individual players overall experience with the game. One individual player like yourself leaving isn’t going to impact their money loss even if you were buying iron. You’re irrelevant to TC.

And I don’t think I said I didn’t care? So sure mission accomplished.


I think you shouldn’t give up on Gears , for the following reasons:

  1. Delivery Driver Mac.
  2. Its a game that needs work. maybe in the future could be awesome.
  3. you already paid for it .



Individual players leaving the game = money loss. If only one individual player was leaving then why are you “tired of seeing” post like this one?


I’m tired of seeing posts like this because they are pointless and clutter the forum page.

And even a few 1000 people leaving doesn’t matter to them, most of the people got the game from gamepass so TC already got their dollar same with people who bought the game for $60 or $120 for ultimate edition and left. TC already got their money so they don’t matter.

TC cares about the people who are going to stick with the game through the problems and occasionally spend money on iron that person is clearly not you therefore you do not matter to them, they already got your entry fee money

There should be a main thread dedicated to people announcing their departure. Maybe then we’ll stop seeing the same threads pop up.


This forum since launch has been the same few threads repeated over and over and over:

“2006 vet done with GOW!”
“Get rid of microtransactions!”
“Remove aim assist!”
“TC is greedy!”
“There are only _____ players currently on Steam!”

It’s exhausting.