LFG players: "NO PC" - A rant on opting out

Welp, we’re only a few weeks into the release of this game, and it is already unplayable for me on my main account on PC. I am Diamond 3 in KOTH and finding a game can take up to 10 minutes+ because all of the console players have opted out. Now I’m even starting to see people put “NO PC” in the LFG system because they know it will take forever to find a match, and they will then have to face PC players on the opposing team.

The most hilarious part about this entire situation is that Xbox players can plug a keyboard and mouse into their console and not be opted out against. What is the point of opt-out if not to avoid exactly that? If I went and bought an xbox, I could just play with a keyboard and mouse on it and have no issue (other than feeling like I’m playing a slideshow).

Many xbox players are adamant that your input device doesn’t matter in Gears, and that a controller can out-bounce a keyboard and mouse. Obviously, this depends on player skill, but meanwhile 90%+ of the console community has opted out, so they can’t even prove themselves in this matter.

Ranks exist for a reason, and if the ranking system worked properly, then your keyboard and mouse opponent should still be on the same skill level as you, even if they might have an advantage with rifles/snipers.

At the end of the day, the game only cost me $2, but it’s just a shame being a long-time Gears fan. I would have easily shelled out for the full price of the game if opting out didn’t exist. But as it stands, my Ultimate Game Pass is cancelled and I will not be playing the game once it expires in November unless opting out is removed.


PC/Controller FeelsBadMan race.

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And that’s where it gets exceptionally ridiculous; a PC player using a controller being opted out against while a keyboard and mouse XBox player does not. This ■■■■ makes no sense.

Modern Warfare at least uses their brain and matches opt-out based on input device. That, and it’s not a dead game like Gears that can actually hold a playerbase.


Are you having trouble finding matches with a full party or solo?

If you’re talking full party, yes, matchmaking can, no joke, take 20 minutes. But that’s the fault of the game’s matchmaking and not all the console players opting out.

If I run in ranked solo, or even with another friend, I find a match within 2 minutes easily. It’s only when the party increases in size does it take forever, and I’m Master’s in 2 playlists. I really don’t think as many people are opted out as you think. Sure, plenty do, but I’d hardly say 90%

It is indeed with a full party, as randoms constantly quit. So yes, I try to find a full party in LFG, just to have reliable players.

But if what you say is the case, guess I’ll just spin my luck on solo KOTH and pray no one quits.

Either way, I think people specifically asking for “NO PC” in LFG is a pretty strong sign there’s a problem.

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Yea, it’s 100% the full party, dude. Theirs even a huge thread about it. NOBODY can find matches with a full party. Go in solo, or even with a bud, and you’ll find matches quick.

But yea, the slow matchmaking will a full party is straight unacceptable. Something is actually wrong there and it sucks.

Ha, yeah, just hopped in one instantly and the other team was favored by 18,000 points. And I just walked all over them and gained +74. Honestly though, that’s not what I want. I want a sweat match of 5v5, and it’s just sad that console players seem to shy away despite the fact that I’m sure many can keep up.

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Play on console. Otherwise don’t complain

It’s okay to be PC

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Your response is useless. The game was released on PC, and as a PC player I have every right to complain.

I do not want to play on an outdated machine that runs like a slideshow when I have a system that is 3x as powerful. That is pointless. It is 2019 and all games will be cross platform in the future, and they should be expected to be playable on all systems.


In a dev stream, TC said that they didn’t go with input detection because it would take too long or something like that. They just wanted to give people the freedom to play as they wanted.

I’m Master rank and I’m also losing interest in playing this game anymore.

If it isn’t crossplay it will be quitters, if not quitters then AFKers, and it goes on and on. Solo? Risk getting dummies. With team/friends? Enjoy the menu.

It is just not an easy game to simply just play. There is always some bs in your way.


Yeah I noticed the No PC thing last night. It’s really funny because I didn’t even think that would be an issue, I just figured the game would be structured in a way that would prevent unfair advantages and such.

I thought crossplay was only for Co-op, Horde, and social PVP, but you can do that in Ranked as well?

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Opting out needs to just go. They already ran the stats and anyone who knows how to play and has tried both input methods already knows there’s no advantage. I have the luxury of being able to play on my Xbox One X when matchmaking gets too slow, but there are plenty of players who are PC only and shouldn’t be tossed out of the game due to whiners.

Remove opt out, remove the PC icon, and everyone will be happy…

hahaha …

console players are right about gears 5

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I do find it easier to play with a controller on my pc than with a controller on my Xbox, in fact so much so that I literally can’t go back to it now. I stopped playing gears 4 for ages because it kept crashing, the input delay had such an impact for me. I can play PvE fine but mp not so much

This is slightly off topic but…from what I’ve gathered, TC don’t give a ■■■■ what anyone here in the forums thinks about anything.

When is the last time you saw a post reply from them?

They don’t even respond on Twitter anymore.

No response via problem ticket through the NEW website. (why didn’t they combine domains?)

They don’t give a crap about matchmaking shortcomings and they def don’t care to give enough thought to the logic of excluding PC players when anyone on any platform can use any input.

@TC_Octus - right octus?


Crossplay is the future get use to it
As for people that opt out ur already lost ur confidence in the game
Real dons take on any challenge with no fear

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Yes the one x runs like a slide show :roll_eyes:. Then enjoy playing with no one, it’s of absolutely no concern to any of us.

They are never going to force anyone to play anyone on a different platform, they’ll simply
Provide an option. Until they lock all settings to the console versions ( more popular) and eliminate uneven playing field from pc, I don’t care about what happens to that population on there

Bit ironic no?

You don’t want to play on a console but you want console players to play with you.


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