Levelling up Demolitionist

Levelling up Demo really isn’t fun, none of the early cards are any good and I just feel like a worse Veteran/Combat Medic trying to make use of the Lancer GL peashooter.

The only card that makes this class useful, Razor Hail, doesn’t unlock until level 12 what am I supposed to be doing in game without bleed or extra boomshot damage and an ult that takes a year to recharge?

This class has the same problem as Pilot where it does absolutely nothing until you grind and unlock a certain card mid way through levelling.

The Custom Lancer GL unlocks at level 7; and Custom Boomshot at level 9. You may not be able to bleed enemies, but both of these cards given significant damage buffs.

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Don’t play any high difficulties


Or specifically, use a custom lobby and take off the Enemy Health mutator. That easily compensates for a lower level Demolitions’ reduced damage output.

Don’t worry, JD isn’t fun at any point. If you really want to see bosses gone, he’s okayish but other than that there’s nothing reedeming about his class.

But… but… but… it’s the meta! This is how everyone gets invited to the cool kid’s parties!

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Nah, JD is honestly a burden on the team, especially in Frenzy since you’re either the frag-tosser or a locker-slave which is quite expensive when the rest of the team is investing into perks (WHICH THEY ABSOLUTELY SHOULD). The gameplay is also about as engaging as watching paint-dry.


I play with out lockers and pair bullet boost with good kill.

Use this time to practice.
People who say JD is boring don’t have the stats to back it up. Most players suck at demolitions so they will write it off without ever having put the time to get good at it and take on that captain role (engineer being the general).

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I guess? But Good Kill is kinda pointless with a proper Engi and Bullet boost stacks should stay for 25-30 seconds instead of a measley 15 seconds.

hello there

Eh, I prefer to use Demo with a mix of ballistics and explosives.
Ult and GL spam just is a snooze.

On a serious note though, I don’t find Demolitions particularly exciting to play personally. I don’t know if boring is the right word, but lately I’m having to play it alot to make life easier for friends I play with just because I’m the only one with totally maxed out skill cards for all classes, so I give everyone else first dibs on choosing their preferred classes. I find Marksman, Anchor and Blademaster more fun at the moment, but I get bored quickly so I need to be able to change it around otherwise I end up burning myself out.

I unblocked this to read your message.
You’re a prize troll with very few stats.

What is amusing is you lie about stats when they work perfectly to hide behind (reflecting back to you) “you’re stupidity or trolling or both”.

Or maybe some people dislike that style of gameplay? I know I dislike playing demo.

Me a troll? Sure thing buddy. I mean, you’re the one going about trying to undermine better players than you; and discredit their achievements and opinions with extremely odd and irrational arguments like these “stats” that you go on about (despite people telling you that the stats don’t even track properly and therefore are inaccurate); or constantly belittling people who play Frenzy because it’s not legit or something. Little man trying to feel big. But whatever gets you off eh? :wink:


I tend not to use the lockers. I find it more fun if I keep mobile, having to stick around a locker takes some fun out. I could use one spot, but by no means would I have a locker full of booms.
I run
Bullet boost
Razor hail
Custom gl
Grenade satchel or good kill depending on map

Keep playing victim sunshine. You’re going back to blocked.
When you can’t present stats you go on an attack. Very pathetic and really no need. Something is wrong with you.

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You are Bleeding_Man_Troll now, please update your name.

I want to get Bullet Boost and go more gunny, but leveling it compared to other classes is meh.

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With Execution Rules gone, the card becomes more attractive.

Doubling down I see.

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