Leveling Sarah’s frags to +130%, worth it?


So I’m sitting on about 12k in coins, at this pace of me building them up I’ll probably reach 20k in about a week, or less.

I can never seem to get Sarah Conner purple frag boost cards. Like, ever. I bought my way to level 5 from 4 because 100% buff damage and radius seemed like a “blast”, and it is! But 130 buff to damage AND radius, you say? I know I could just kill the heck out of myself using that card, but I sort of want to see what it looks like, at least.

But to those who’ve done it, was it worth the grind / coins spent? Like I said, I’m cursed, don’t tell me to grind with her and play 100 Horde matches, tried that already and got about 4 of those cards from horde matches, lol.

Thoughts? Like I said, I think level 5 was, and she is actually a little fun to play, now that I have it.

Well dude,

I would say no. Here is why.

You will kill yourself a lot. I mean you can’t plant any grenade on anyone as you will certainly die.

You can’t “Frag and Tag” using the glitch or you will die.

So unless you like killing yourself a lot I would say no. But if you like funny moments or are doing a YouTube funny moments in G5 video, then sure.



I appreciate the feedback.

As for my current style with Sarah, at level 5 I never tag, ever. I am strictly a chucker, and I have to say I’m pretty good at it. Only at a distance.

Eh, I’m not sure. It might work with my play style. I’m a PC player, I get around quickly. :wink:

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If you enjoy it…go for it. Can be quite fun.

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No. She’s not worth it.


Edit: I don’t know why quote doesn’t show as intended

[quote=“Claw97000, post:1, topic:51958”]
Like I said, I’m cursed, don’t tell me to grind with her and play 100 Horde matches, tried that already and got about 4 of those cards from horde matches, lol. [/quote]

I’ll not tell you to grind, but I found more purple cards for Sarah on Escape. Also, I can play most of the time with her without host kicking me out on Horde.

I only need 3 purple cards to get every card at lvl 6 for Sarah,

It’s well worth it IMO as level 6 represents a decent buff to the frag damage/radius card.

Tagging isn’t really an option but it wasn’t at level 5 either, if you just throw the frag in front of you (rather than elevating the throw) immediately roll back and you won’t get caught by the blast…

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could be very helpful on some of these more extreme master escape maps.

in hored if the team is about to be over run in a door way its an out. last 2 men in blood drive trying to stay alive in the room it helps.

its player preference.

It’s a big buff.
(but i’d try to get a few more cards the playing way)
Dew it.

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The reason I’m inclined to is that I am already pretty careful at level 5 as it is, and…

One time my group was caught in a “will die” situation on Horde Frenzy so I chucked 2 grenades immediately in front of me and tagged the Scion beside me. I died, yes, but so the hell did all of them, too. I would like to see the carnage at level 6 in that same scenario.

I would say keep that coins till new operation. If I’m correct TC did gave Kat 2 new cards (don’t specifically know which operation it was), it was Hologram extend and stim capacity.

The reason why I’m saying this is because you never know she might will get plant nade/nade bleed or even resupply nade (the same cards back in gears 4) when the new operation starts, but obviously there is no guarantee. And if she does then it will be well worth it.

I’m trying. As suggested in this thread I’ve moved to Escape to try to get more frag cards. I got one so far! Here’s hoping I get a few more at least.

But to your point, I am praying Sarah gets explosive bleed card. She deserves it. That would be wonderful.

I bet they turn into nukes when they get to that point.

They are very good during Wave 1-10 Master Horde or Wave 1-4 Master Frenzy, but they lose effectiveness when More Health 2.0x and 2.5x kicks in. I’m sure she can also be devastating for the whole of Inconceivable More Health off matches.

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Even at +100%, throwing one under the feet of a Warden that dies from the hit, watching it launch into the air, it’s just fun.

Exactly this. She needs a tune up to help her do her part in the late game of the upper levels. Same with Grace. A few tweaks here and there would be welcome.

I don’t know if its the same for you but ill say it anyway. I personally wouldn’t bother as she is still the most kicked character I have ever come across. Any game I am in she is immediately removed. Now there is the obvious kick bug going on but I still wouldn’t bother. If you have a team that run with then go for it but to my understanding it can be hard to use it to its full potential because it results in more deaths than normal lol. Honestly though its your call lol

It turns out, she’s more overpowered than JD when it comes to bleeding bosses. If you know, you know.

Is the incendiaries bug back?

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I never heard of an incendiaries bug before.