Level On Stats Page Wrong

My level in game is showing 98 right now but on the official stats page is showing 96. And when it was 97 in game it was 95 on stats page. I’ve tried refreshing several times. I’ve even signed out a few times. I’ve restarted the game. And I’ve even restarted my Xbox then signed out and back in on the stats page. Wth? And the crazy part is right before this started everything was fine at 95, then went to 96 in game it said 96 on stats page but when I was 95% to 97 it dropped back to 95. But when I hit 98 in game it went to 96 on stats page and the progress bars are different as well. So it’s not like the numbers for levels are off, it’s actually showing I’m 2 levels behind on the stats page. Any help would be appreciated. As long as in game I’m not getting screwed I guess it doesn’t matter, I just hope my ranks aren’t screwed up as well.

The website will cache your stats for 8 hours before updating your stats again (rank % is on a 10 minute cache)

This is to prevent putting load on the stats services by people who spam F5 on the page.

Oh ok. Thanks bruh. There must be a crap ton of people doin that today because this is my first time seeing that. But like I said, not too much of a big deal as long as its visual only. Good info to know for future reference though. Thanks again.