Level 6 mortar strike is jacked up!

I just saved up and spent 12,000 scrap to level up my Mortar Strike to 6 only to find it is glitched and kills 0 - 2 things even on boss waves! I’m so angry. Level 5 was FAR better and killed anywhere from 7 to 11 things at a time! COALITION - PLEASE FIX THE LEVEL 6 MORTAR STRIKE… OR refund my 12,000 scrap and put me back at level 5!!! I really wish you could scrap cards and go back a level. I lost one of my favorite features to being a Heavy. I’m soooo upset and disappointed!!!


Yeah it’s really disappointing. Unfortunately TC are fully focused on Gears 5 so you won’t get anything solved sorry to say.

I never wasted scrap on the strikes. They don’t help very much if any on higher difficulty waves. They can’t one shot much of anything.

Your heavy should be an explosive build and will tank most anything thing with torque bow, dropshot or boom shot.

But alias. I know exactly what you are saying

The horde skills should have selectable levels and strengths.

Chaotik Element… yeah - I kinda figured they are focused on Gears 5, but they still add things like the Raam challenge etc… so was hoping… But I saw that others posted about the mortar issue back in SEPTEMBER 2018 and it’s still broken… so I guess they just don’t care about their fans/consumers for Gears 4 anymore - which is really really sad and pretty pathetic. Just b/c the new one is on its way doesn’t mean they should leave us high and dry when we need something fixed for the current one we all work our a**es off on to level up. It really sucks.

HayMaker304 - Mortar strike was super B.A. at level 5! I could play horde and start at level 50 and kill EVERYTHING just by repeatedly dropping mortar and not shoot a single bullet. I thought level 6 would just get the job done that much faster. Boy was I wrong! :weary: I really wish I had left it alone. If only I had known about the issue before leveling up. :sob: :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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Yes, I’m sorry to say it’s been this way from day 1, when level 6 cards were introduced… I, like you, unfortunately upgraded ( I was upgrading all cards), and I got stuck with a useless strike card…

I don’t really uses strikes anyway, so it’s not a huge issue, but it is a bug, which they NEVER showed any interest in fixing.

There was a sniper card like that, I think Steady Hand, I don’t know if they ever fixed that one.

So I have mine at level 4 so I should make it 5? I kept certain ones low because I saw people saying not to touch them past certain levels on here a while ago but idk if 4 is better?

The damage is higher at Level 5, but not at Level 6.

I remember Siphon giving more power at Level 2 than Level 6 as well…


Its a weird one and the same thing happened with the Soldiers Siphon card. I left mortor strike at level 5 and even on inconceivable only seems to do serious damage when paired with a sniper who has radar ping in play. Having said all that from what I have seen and from people I have with it is a card that has been left in the past and for good reason but honestly it will never be fixed and you can only hope they avoid these problems in the next game.

I think my siphon one is higher than 2 now but maybe I can make mortar 5 then. But ya I am very dissappointed that steady hand isnt proper either. I use to use it a lot but it’s never really helped enough as of late so I ended up not using it as much maybe because I made it 6 so it is broken now but my sniper one was the first fully done to get achievement. idk I wish I left some of them then…