Level 20 every class? What’d you think?

Well, I finally got around to getting every class to 20. It took longer than I anticipated because I simply couldn’t get up the motivation to play most promo classes.

After the promo updates, I ended up kind of liking all the promos for specific uses. Promo classes on Escape are great, IMO.

Overall I think I was the best at: Infiltrator.
Had the most fun playing: Pilot.
Least fun playing: Brawler, changed too many times, I just never go out of my way to play it unless it’s the “always active ammo” modifier, lol.

Any other thoughts, what you are best at in Horde, enjoy playing, and the class you just hate.

Unrelated side note: I played a lot of solo horde, and for the few of you that do / still do, a huge annoyance on 1-50 matches is when a Matriarch pops up to eat your base. I’ve found the best thing to do if you’re an Engineer class is to just run straight for her, get ripped up, and wait for a new boss type. Better to “save” your base, and restarting won’t impact your experience earned.


My best in horde: Jack
More fun: Gunner

Still need to level up classes, only 4 at 20, the rest between 18 and 19

And I agree about how many times Brawler changed, I never had the cards to enjoy playing as Brawler before the changes. The same for Demo or sharing grenades with Tactician.

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Demos, Tacticians. They’re simply not for me in Horde and was bored of playing them by the time I got those classes to level 20. Promos, well I only ever played them before their buffs so I’m not in a position to make much of a statement for them beyond that I’m simply not interested in them.

Gunner, Blademaster, Anchor, occasionally Pilot, Marksman and Nomad. In no specific order, but the first three are the ones I play the most currently. Likewise I’m at the very least decent with those classes, but that’s probably me being too modest about it.

Not interested in the engineer classes, never played a Brawler in Horde(and not a big fan of it either as a class in general), and Infiltrator quickly got boring to me because it relies excessively on stim and is super frail once you lose it while TC turned it into a one trick pony such that it is just a Blademaster, but with shotguns instead of melee focus, and more single target damage at the expense of crowd control. Was decent fun for a few runs in Op 5 but lost interest in it quickly afterwards. Jack, well, sure it has hijack but that wasn’t enough for me to bother with the downtime periods that I found excessively boring playing that class.

To grind my character‘s (yes they are still the 19 character‘s for me, after releasing Paduk in OP4)
to 20 and cards to 6 plus the re-up‘s (not so much motivation to reach 60 because of the stupid updates TC did for the re-up‘s, beginning with the one back in februray) are the only reasons why i played horde nearly 2000 hours.
All 19 character‘s are making fun, there is no one i don’t like.
I hope the grind will be the same in Gears 6, but please be more balanced at release.

The best I play in horde (and escape) are all the classes, I din’t waste my time and effort to level up all of them only to ignore them later, when I thought get all the achievements in this game (now I won’t do that), I enjoyed to play Demo and Tactician, smashing enemies with brute force is always fun in games with explosive weapons and classes, but I enjoyed most Protector, only 'cause the promo classes got upgrades in Op 7, better late than never, I can sometimes defend far taps without need of other player, and the playstyle reminds me a little bit to a beat em up games like Batman Arkham Knight.

I enjoyed the promos a lot. Sure, they are not the best classes, but you can do very well with them now they have been buffed and they are a lot of fun. The Striker in particular is a fun class.

From launch I always enjoyed playing Protector/Emile. I liked that you were not restricted to being in the venom to get bleed, and you can deal a lot of damage.

Classes I hate? Hate is a strong word, but I didn’t enjoy the Brawler as much as other classes. Still had a good time with it, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as a Nomad or Protector.

I found pretty much all the classes fun in some way, they all have their little niche which they are great at. I just enjoyed playing something different, getting to level 20 was a secondary goal.

For Horde, I usually have fun playing any class because they all provide something different or have a unique playstyle. I do not enjoy playing mechanic though because out of the 3 engineers Mechanic is literally just used to repair and there is nothing unique besides the turret. Architect can put out some pretty good damage if you know how to use ult effectively and Robotics Expert can also be a sniper whole repairing everything.

For Escape, I only really like playing CQC.

Hard to say really. I like to think I’m a flexible player who can player all classes to a reasonable standard.

My favourite classes are probably Infiltrator, Blademaster, Anchor, Marksman (if the host is from UK or Europe and therefore the connection is better) and in Escape especially, Nomad.

I’m happy to play most other classes though. I like to mix things up though, so I’d get bored if I had to play a particular class alot in a short space of time.

There was a period where I was helping friends to master the new Horde maps, and they’re not super-skilled players - I guess they’re somewhere in the middle-range, so to improve the chances of success we’d try to have at least one traditional high-damage class. Trouble was as I was the only one to have maxed out all of my classes and skill cards, I’d usually be the one to fill whatever role was leftover while the rest of the team would play as classes that they needed to level up or get skill cards for. Which usually meant that I’d be something like Demolitions to compensate for them playing as say, promotional classes, Combat Medic, Anchor etc. That got boring for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t hate any particular class. It’s the way players will play as them, and for me I play Horde mostly with friends so in Horde at least it’s less of an issue. Escape is more mixed as I play more with randomers (as half of my friends don’t like Escape) and the choice of classes tends to vary a bit more and is hive-dependent. I think broadly speaking, I dislike the way many people play the Brawler in Escape. They tend to adopt a real gung-ho attitude and rush into fights and don’t think or have much situational awareness. All The Glory can be extremely pwoerful and useful, but equally can cause alot of friendly fire damage. Plus I notice that Brawlers have a tendency to go smashing into everything without thinking - and if I’m playing as a class which relies on chaining kills together like Infiltrator or an execution build Nomad, it can be infuriating when a Brawler jumps in and kills enemies which I’m about to kill.

Yesterday I was playing The Choke with a Brawler. They didn’t have All The Glory on which was a positive thing, but I was a Nomad and needing to get stim and charge up my ultimate, and often he’d tackle and kill enemies which I was melee-combo’ing and about to execute. I messaged and credit to him, he listened and was more careful after that, but it was really frustrating at first.

In escape I really enjoy Nomad BM protector and recently striker. At the beginning it was Anchor and I left him a bit to level up other classes. But he is always on my top5. On some hives I enjoy also tactician for obvious reasons lol

In horde I began with gunner but now my preference goes more and more towards BM and even striker. And just after I like tactician and Pilot (if there is an engineer for the necessary locker)

The 2 classes I do not like too much are the architect and slugger.

Brawler is not my cup of tea in escape but a range brawler is still cool although I still struggle in highest difficulty with this build.

Best in horde: infiltrator
Worst in horde: Jack :pensive: I dont enjoy using this class like at all, props to Jack mains but I need to be playing as a human being lol.

Most fun: Pilot, I absolutely love this class, Lizzie was my main when she first came out so I’ve always had a sweet spot for her, the enforcer as well is such a fun weapon to use, I loved it alot in gears 4 (pvp). The dropshot is also a monster to use too.

Honorable mention is Blademaster for most fun, such a unique class and I may not be super great at it but it’s still fun to use from time to time.

Most played is Infiltrator. I just like going ghost and one-shotting enemies. It does feel great to play with the movement in PvE.

My least played is Blademaster. I prefer playing as them on Escape and never really took the time to learn them for Horde.

Some of the classes with a high play time which I didn’t expect are Mechanic, Protector, Jack and Robotics Expert. I feel like it took me longer to get them to 20 due to fail runs or I played as them without boost active.

I do enjoy playing as Marksman, Pilot, Gunner and Anchor. Classes I hate playing as are the 3 engineers as with randoms it can either be a easy win or a hard lose. The other promos in Horde are just unfun to play on Incon/Master difficulty.

My most played is Infiltrator by a wide margin, but that’s mainly because it was the only class at launch I particularly liked. And I played a lot of Horde before OP5 opened things up. I genuinely enjoy the class though, and I still consider it my favorite. I just get embarrassed when I pick it for a Hive with no shotguns and am quite literally useless the whole time.

I wanna say my best class is Anchor, but weirdly, I think my “best” class is actually Marksman. It’s just broken. I get bored of it quickly because abusing the super just isn’t fun for anybody, but when I join a lobby that I don’t have faith in, I tend to jump to Marksman so I can solo if need be.

To the point of the thread, though, forcing myself to play every class to lvl.20 taught me a few things:

  • Gunner is incredibly fun when you play offensively rather than just get a heavy weapon and sit in cover.
  • Jack is even more boring than I thought he’d be and I never want to pick him again.
  • Demo and Tact just aren’t my playstyle. Firing boomshots and walking to lockers after every three shots is so booooorrrrrring.
  • Anchor might be my favorite class? It’s great.
  • Striker is actually a fun alternative to Blademaster if you can snipe.
  • Protector is one of the best Escape classes. And that was before it got its upgrades.

Arguably I have the most fun with Brawler, while the engineer classes are my favorite.

Pilot and Nomad fall into a category wherein I love playing them but can become incredibly frustrated depending on which build I choose and what our team composition is.

Blademaster - great crowd control, survivability and DPS
Marksman - I like sniping and can one shot kill most.
Anchor - good survivability and has a good bleed/marksman mix.

Most disappointing;
Infiltrator - Badly nerfed. needs more bleed range, a low ping makes the class too unforgiving. Still good in escape though.
Demo - Also badly nerfed. All of the other nerfs were fair, but the reduction to the ammo card was the last straw.

Combat medic - boring
Brawler - melee build doesnt work with a bad connection, DPS is a bit too weedy. The scorcher is so disappointing - it really needs a damage buff, or fix the card.
Nomad - I cant pick a build for me and levelling the cards bored me. Hes a bad marksman or a bad infiltrator,
Veteran - Play for the ult. Id rather play marksman.
Slugger - boring grenade one trick pony
Tactician - spam
Architect - not as good as mech or RE
Protector - cut price BM

Gunner - good survivability, good DPS
Pilot - pretty fun hybriding between dropshots and silverback - but you really need a lvl 4 locker of dropshots
Mechanic - best “pure” engineer
RE - i like sniping with the embar. Its such a shame the embar got a massive nerf from GOW4.
Jack - Hyjack is good. alot better than the early smelt meta.

My striker is still level 1

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If playing without a cqb class my Slugger will dominate most of the first 25 or so waves. Then it becones more of a support class…

Veteran is always good. But performance will depend if there is a marksman or nomad to piggy back onto my ult…

Those are my two most favorite classes to play and the ones i do best with…

Lol, how is Blademaster not a one trick pony? You just run around, meleeing everything, arent you? How is that not a 1 trick?

If feels like you are ok with 1 trick ponies as long as it is a trick you like :grin:

In my slugger i use frags, shocks, flashbangs, lancers, claw, mulcher, and scorcher…

What do you use in your blademaster, lol?


Even with all of those weapons, slugger is still inferior to a one trick pony class :smirk:

@Ultra_Gnasty told me all kinds of stuff that slugger can do and the damage it can put out with different weapons so i don’t really agree with the one trick pony when talking about slugger. Like you said, the Claw can do some pretty good damage, so can the heavy weapons and all the grenades. Any class is good when played by a competent player.

Blademaster isn’t a one trick pony though solely because of the build variety that the class has. You can go High Melee DPS, Gnasher Build. High Bleed DPS, High Survivabilty, some people like to have a playstyle around the claw as well. The claw build isn’t nearly as good as any of the others but it is a build some may use i suppose.

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All my classes are lv20 and almost every single one of them have maxed out cards including golden cards for the promo classes as well since Horde is the only thing I play. I love promo classes, they are very powerful excluding Architect since the Mechanic and Robotic Expert outnumber that class by a longshot. I laugh when I see topics about those classes being garbage, they just have no idea or simply do not know what to play them :-s :-s :-s