Level 20 character unlock reward


Bruh your high, you can 3 shot (1 shot with Ult) an enemy w/ active and it freezes them, which is useful for obvious reasons.

If you are playing Escape and the hive doesn’t have Markza its sorta useless, but any other time its easily his best card.

So why are you running it as the sixth card lol and not the 5th if it’s so good?

oh :joy:

I thought you were asking what card benefits the most from being level 6, I apologize :pray:

to answer your question properly, probably Paduk :thinking:

Paduk has a bunch of great cards, though I could see the argument for Cole as well where he’s unkillable.

actually I realized I wasn’t totally accurate… if I took all of the duplicates of backstab I have, I could level it up to level 6… Gold cards which I don’t use I don’t upgrade, I’m keeping them around for when we’ll be able to scrap them, and use them to level up cards we actually DO use :slight_smile:

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I don’t get the scrap system and why they didn’t instead just let RNG run it’s course until you got a card to 6, then you just can’t earn anymore of that card anymore so you are always earning cards you need. Either way something needs to come along to speed this up for anyone who didn’t start playing horde when the game was released.

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I got one on beginner Horde yesterday. Was doing a quick 4 Frenzy waves to get my dailies and it gave me 1 gold card. I was very surprised.

Out of pure speculative fun, what are you thinking the sell to buy rate will be? How many gold excess to sell to buy one in another? 5 to 1?

It was like that in 4 wasn’t it? It’s probably going to be the same in 5.

Apologies I never played a second of MP on G4, it was 5 to 1?

Gears 4 had a 4 to 1 scrapping ratio. So 4 Epics scrapped would allow you to create one duplicate for an Epic skill. There was no Legendary skills in Gears 4 however, unlike Gears 5.

I am 99% certain instead of letting us manually scrap skill duplicates we don’t need, TC will use their all fancy auto scrapping when skills are at Level 6. If I’m wrong, great, but I seriously doubt it will be the case.

There was Legendary skins though with the same ratio and I believe Rares had a 5 to 1 ratio? I think commons had an even worse ratio than that. I was thinking the exact same thing about scrapping :rofl:

Commons had like an 8:1 ratio(scrap value 5, cost 40), Rares were indeed 5 to 1 iirc(20 scrap value, cost 100).

And in Gears 4 we at least had all that scrap to throw around because the payouts weren’t total garbage and even with the RNG lootboxes you often didn’t have 90% common drops, not like the ridiculously bad “Supply” idea execution we got before coins.

The ratios were variable but in GOW4 they were:


Crafted for 40
Scrapped for 5

Ratio of 8/1


Crafted for 100
Scrapped for 20

Ratio of 5/1


Crafted for 600
Scrapped for 150

Ratio of 4/1


Crafted for 2400
Scrapped for 600

Ratio of 4/1

So I’m hoping that the exchange rate in GOW5 is equivalent, so Legendary cards would be scrapped for 1000 Gear Coins (hopefully) and Epic cards for 250 GC.

Having said that TC haven’t been consistent with the GC values for cards though. Legendary skill cards are valued less than Legendary customisation items. I wouldn’t entirely be surprised if TC gave us a worse exchange rate to “balance” the economy. They know that some players farm cards in Escape, and once these changes happen it will effectively include GC farming.


An extra card slot would make the game far more enjoyable.

What’s breaking the game right now are busted abilities, not too many abilities. For example, Marcus’s Ultimate is busted and needs to be changed. No ability should be hitting shots for you; least of all headshots, ever, for any reason. This is a shooter game, and the entire mechanical feedback loop hinges on a player’s ability to hit their shots. You can’t interfere with this and expect the game to play well.

TC has been tweaking the duration of Marcus’s Ultimate, but that was the wrong way to approach it. Forcing it to stop at the end of each wave would certainly make it less overpowered, but it would still be fundamentally broken. The mechanics of the ability have to change to truly make it balanced.

Marcus’s Ultimate should be simplified. It should provide stim per second , and a small damage buff to all handheld (non heavy) weapons. It should not effect the aiming mechanics in any way, shape, or form, and it should not auto-headshot.

Marcus is the most egregious example, but other characters have other abilities that need to be tweaked. 5 cards is incredibly restrictive overall, and the game would be more fun with more elaborate combinations.



Less is more.

Having restrictions just encourages people to think of ways around it or for ways to maximize what they already have. Same reason I don’t think allowing players to have 20 weapons in their inventory would add much, the limitations are part of the game.


The really need to hammer out consistency in card value.

For example,Baird Has a card called melee resistance. At level 6 it provides 32% damage to melee attacks it’s a blue card. However, Cole has a card that reduces melee damage too; his is a green card.

His maxes out at 70% I believe.

As a green card.

Wtf why is Baird’s lower but has a higher cost?

A good example of them doing this well is Lahni and Kait.

Kait, Lahni, Paduk have shotgun Cards that boost the Gnashers base damage, sure Kait and Paduk have lower values than lahni’s but it should be that way because Lahni’s shotgun card is PURPLE not green or blue

Baird shouldn’t have lower melee damage resistance than Cole when he has a higher rarity card than Cole.

There were legendary skins in gears 4 however and they like all other “cards” could be scrapped for 1/4 of their worth and they could be crafted for 2400, which was 4x the 600 to craft an epic card.

It would be wonderful if they did it that way. In GoW4 it was tedious to have to scrap them manually.
I know that we miss out on the ability to scrap cards that we think that we’ll never use but since they are always changing things then it could be possible that we would end up regretting scrapping a bad card after it became a good card.
A good example of that is Paduk’s bleed card. It’s completely useless whenever bleeding barriers are fixed but you just know that on the next update they’ll be back unlike any scrapped Armored Shot cards :wink:

Under normal circumstances I would agree with you, but Gears 5 has the same amount of card slots as Gears 4, despite the fact that the cards themselves are more restrictive. I.E Boomshot damage instead of explosive launcher damage. A sixth card would help mitigate this.

If TC went the other way and instead made the cards themselves less restrictive, then 5 slots would be absolutely fine.

A 4 to 1 conversion rate for Legendary cards would be awesome.

My gold card duplicates would currently net me 350,000 coins.

When you hit level 20 please TC please don’t make the card you get access to be a Gold Legendary Epic Score Boost Skill Card.

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