Level 20 character unlock reward

Not quite useless. Only real use he has is his ult sadly. I’m not quite crazy enough to get into the cluster and find a deadeye or elite to execute sadly. If I could manage to get into the middle of that cluster though. Oh boy. Paduk would be huge.

That is if there isn’t a Fahz killing them all with X-ray anyway.

But by your logic, I could ask you why use Baird when Fahz is superior as a sniper? Fahz’s damage output is incredible. He may not have bleed abilities, but he’s a heavy hitter and his Explosive Critical Hit card is great crowd-control. His X-Ray also enables him to kill multiple enemies from afar without putting himself at risk. Using The Split as an example Hive, I’ve literally gone into X-Ray in some areas and chained so many kills in a single go using Critical Parade that I’ve run out of ammo.

Also with regard to your comment about JD lacking defence, well, Baird isn’t any better. If anything JD’s Daddy’s Boy card offers more versatile defence (mostly because it’s bugged and applies the damage resistance to all characters, not just Marcus) than Baird’s only defence card, which is melee-only.

Baird isn’t just a sniper, Experimental weapons applies to all DB weapons you know that. Making him more than just a sniper.

Sure Embar bleed plus experimental weapons is strong, but trishot with Baird saves ammo, lasts longer, and does more damage.

So nah Baird isn’t just a great sniper. But he sure can be if and when the situation calls for it.

JD is worse than Keegan in every single way I can imagine so I again ask why you’d run him over Keegan?, and bugs don’t count I recall you being very against them.

I decided to try Baird for a few hives. Even though there’s no snipers on The Link, he was pretty useful with Overkill instead. And same for The Hunters, Overkill + Retro Lancer to retro stab Sires.

About JD, he has ammo capacity going for him and stronger Boomshots. Most of the hives have explosive boxes scattered around. Good Kill also helps for additional ammo.

But equally it can be argued that Baird pales in comparison to Kait when it comes to Overkills. Baird may have some degree of versatility, but I’m not sold on him being as good as you say. He’s not useless, but I don’t think he stands out in any particular role over other characters. As you say, he has a degree of versatility, but it’s very weapon dependant and I think there are better alternatives for the majority of hives. I mentioned in an earlier post as well that there’s a fairly common pattern with Escape Hives where the 1st section tend to feature non-Elite drone enemies so Imagos aside they wouldn’t be dropping DeeBee weapons; while it’s only in the 2nd section that you tend to get Elite variants (where the Elite Grenadiers and Snipers drop DeeBee weapons). Some Hives feature pick-ups in supply rooms, but not all.

Regarding JD, while I agree that Keegan is overall a better character, I wouldn’t say that JD is worse off in every way. He has a strong Boomshot and Lancer GL for one thing (through the two Custom cards) and Daddy’s Boy DOES factor in and makes JD a bit beefier than Keegan.

I’d appreciate if you don’t just make assumptions about what I think of bugs and what I should and shouldn’t take into consideration. It may seem slightly contradictory (and maybe in some ways it is) but I consider bugs on a bug-by-bug basis and the extent of which it can “break” or “unbalance” the game. I appreciate that what constitutes balanced and unbalanced will vary from person to person. The fact that cards like Daddy’s Boy and Uncle Clay work for all characters instead of just the named characters in the descriptions is not as game-breaking as say, duplicate Clayton’s using it to make themselves invincible. Remember that the Clayton glitch literally makes players invincible to everything except for a Carrier, Sire or Matriarch grabbing them. This is pretty over-the-top compared to a card which gives 30% extra damage resistance to unintended characters. My solution to this particular exploit/bug, is to set a total cap across the board for damage resistance stats to say, 95% or something. That way no matter what cards you try to stack with or without other players, you will automatically be capped at 95% and can never become invincible.

Other card bugs like Sole Survivor or Sisters To The End were fine to me because they didn’t cause a crazy amount of imbalance. It would have been nice if TC had met us halfway on how to balance this, but that’s another topic.

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Correction : The supply room to the right of the starting spawn has a Longshot, where I got the Boomshot, and Elite Snipers can spawn in the first act if RNG is willing.

But yes, Baird doesn’t strictly need sniper rifles to make himself useful.

Baird with an Enforcer is surprisingly strong. The DPS is crazy, low health or not (thanks to active effects) and when they are lower health, it melts stuff.

I believe I’ve stated that there is nothing wrong with Baird being less consistent, that’s just because other characters kit is way more consistent, and therefore more effective than Baird.

But you lumping him only as a sniper while then going on to attack Baird’s strength with an overkills when Kait is clearly more effective with them is just you trying to downplay Baird.

But in the same vein it really doesn’t even matter if you downplay one aspect of the weapons he can use.

Because he’s versatile and can use a wide variety of them more effective and efficient than others.

Bugs are bugs, they shouldn’t be in the game and really shouldn’t be looked at as a strength of a character,

Kait had the highest DPS in the game, with her pellet bleed bug. It was patched and I’m glad it was because bugs shouldn’t be counted towards the individual character’s strength.

lol, I have been playing horde pretty much since launch, and I don’t have a single gold card at level 6, lol…

Not a single one…

This gold card leveling up is stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid, by normal/regular players standard.

And they wonder why people aren’t rushing to play and stay in this game.

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Ironically I have 17 dupes of gold cards for him now and my purples are about to be maxed

What I’m getting at, is balance and I’ve acknowledged that this is a subjective term. What TC consider balanced will probably differ to what you or I consider balanced. Even within TC they probably have debates and disagree about what is balanced.

Some players consider some bugs fine because they offer what they consider to be balance. I suppose a good example is the whole Sisters To The End debate. A fair number of people thought that how it worked was fine, but then they experienced the reality of what TC had originally intended they felt Lizzie became imbalanced. It may have been the way TC intended, but many players felt it went the wrong way and made the card alot less useful to the point not many people use it anymore.

I don’t consider Daddy’s Boy working for all characters, being unbalanced. It may be a bug, but it’s not game-breaking because the requirements are specific (two or more players have to be in fairly close proximity) and the gains are modest. It’s when this is exploited using multiple JD’s (or Clayton’s etc) where the gains become too much.

I think for me personally, it’s a case of balance than it being a bug or not. That said, if bugs are fixed then they’re fixed and I won’t begrudge TC for doing that per se because it’s their game. But I’d chime in with my views about how this affects the way the game is balanced.

so if JD and Clayton are close to others, does everyone get Uncle Clay+Daddys Boy protection level?

I believe so. All 5 players can potentially get it if they’re all within range.

Also Clayton and JD don’t get that buff unless they’re close to a team mate too. So the effects of the card cease once they move out of range.

My bairds gold is about to hit level 6 and I don’t play him that much. His overclocked locker though I have won a grand total of 2 purple cards . He will be my first to level 6 gold I think, despite really not playing him as much as Del.

gold cards are typically more easy to obtain than purple, that being said not too many cards get a meaningful boost from level 5 to level 6.


Yeah. For me personally the only character I managed to max out both purple Epic cards before their gold Legendary ones, was the COG Gear. But I suspect this was because the ratios were more accurately represented by the drop rate percentages because COG Gear has equal number of purple and gold cards (two each). Other characters tend to have 4 or more purples.

Baird’s gold card is interesting but the AI of his ultimate is stupid.
It aims badly, doesn’t shoot the drones next to it all the time, doesn’t shoot at the swarmak, walking too slowly and it follows Baird like an idiot instead of going to kill the drones…


Which character improves the most with a 6th card?

I’d argue Lahni.

I’m not talking about being more busted. I’m talking about more consistency

Definitely Fahz’s Icy Precision or Keegan’s Speedloader or whatever its called.

Never found the need to run it and doubt I’d run it with a 6th extra slot.

Scions? No. Drones? No lol, Bosses? Maybe but JD can kill them quicker and faster. So why would I run it over Embar Damage