Level 20 character unlock reward

A 6th card slot might be OP but I’d be fine with a passive bonus of some kind. Wouldn’t have to be huge. +10% or 20% damage, 10% damage resistance, 25% critical damage, that kind of thing. Something in keeping with the class and character. Or something that synergizes with their existing passive.

Overload is one of the easiest speed runs I’ve seen.

Many speed runs in Gears 4 and early in 5 were all but easy. Fast doesn’t always mean easy.

Only War Machine and Blood Drive were over done. The majority of speed runs weren’t even widely know because they required skill to set up.

It doesn’t take anyone other than marcus and fahz to do anything after wave 5. It’s the complete opposite to what he stated he liked in a speed run where you get to play. Kill the enemy for 4 rounds then from then on Marcus fires his ULT and it’s game over for anyone else. JD get’s a small time to shine on bosses but not essential.

I see people pushing set ups into the spawn area in the vain hope of trying to get kills before Fahz blast them all away. I find Marcus the most boring to play, I leave a lobby that will require me to play him. OP5 nerf cannot come soon enough because I’m sick of people trying to use him badly on other maps like he’s essential.


I’m not a fan of nerfs, but you are right.

Donno what you’re talking about… I gets enough action as lizzy, as clayton, as kait, in those games…

That’s because you’re not playing with a good Fahz :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You shouldn’t even be seeing anyone as Clay or lizzie before Fahz has cleaned shop!

Extra card slot would be hella awesome but they probably shaft us with another bloodspray or a dumb banner


Give Baird a headshot card and he’s legit a top tier escape character.

He’s just below being top 5

One of the two level rewards is going to be ‘Legendary Score Boost’. Just watch…


Cole, Lahni, Mac, Kait, Fahz, Keegan/JD, etc. and you think he’s just below top 5? Baird hasn’t been relevant in Escape since OP2.

Yeah, Baird is super strong.

Bleed, extra damage, a good ultimate.

Give him a headshot damage card and he’s insane.

Embar with a headshot damage card stacked with experimental weapons after your second shot?

Then you’re not even counting the bleed?

4.Mac (If Lahni wasn’t nerfed she’d be 4)
5. Keegan (Mac if Lahni wasn’t nerfed)
6.Lahni (Keegan if Lahni wasn’t nerfed)

Why use JD over Baird when you could just use Keegan

Then we’re not talking about his versatility with DB heavy weapons

I think Paduk belongs up there, since he could be used in every hive, whether it’s Markza build or execution spreading. Against Scions on The Line, there’s Markza. Against Juvies on The Warren, there’s Retro. Meanwhile, Baird seems restricted on maps that have EMBAR and Lockers for more use.


JD has good kill so on some hives (ones with shorter ultimate) he’s better, also gets more ammo for explosives.

You have to assume he either can get an Embar or an Overkill basically, and more often than not other characters are going to pick those up/ammo so he’s pretty much just a really weak Fahz. If he did have a headshot damage card he’d be OP imo.

Also surprised you didn’t mention Paduk, Paduk has to be top 5. I would also argue that Emile is probably better than Baird in most situations/hives so he’s got to be higher than Baird aswell. Clayton is arguably better too due to tankiness and Ultimate (even though its glitched right now).

Baird is ok but don’t pretend he’s close to top 5, barely a top 10 character in my opinion.

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What I have noticed when it comes to Baird is that EMBAR and Elite Snipers seem to be more common in 2nd Chapter, so he wouldn’t have a very powerful weapon right off the bat. Meanwhile, some characters are simply strong, the moment they leave their pods, such as Paduk.

Top 10 list probably depends on the hive, which weapons there are, whether a character is powerful early, how much they depend on ammo, which enemies they are good at killing, how powerful their ultimates are. Kinda hard to judge.

Well there’s something to be said for a character that spawns with a boltok, so he’s not worthless first half either.

I agree with you about it being hive to hive, but you can still make a judgement which characters are generally speaking the best, like Cole is never bad lol, so its why everybody puts him #1, and its why Fahz was probably put lower down than Kait, because more hives have shotguns than snipers and such. Its always a fun argument to have lol.


Paduk’s in my top 5 for every hive except The Line. I don’t like using his sniper build, so I’ve never even thought about bringing him there. Other than that though, odds are I’ll be playing him if I have the opportunity.

I forgot about Clay.

Let’s redo it.


Past 5

Baird is so versatile, his gold card is strong at level 6 his bleed combined with the insane high damage that high level experimental weapons can put out is amazing.

He’s a strong option and their is no shame that other characters are more consistent than him.

But to call him “Ok” and less than JD is laughable.

JD in escape is a worse Keegan. Can’t resupply, no damage resistance besides daddy’s boy, dude is a shell compared to beast he is in horde.

And that’s just a fact, and to say he’s better than Baird is :-1:

He’s just useless on the split in the second half,

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He’s useless or weak against bosses yeah, but against anything else he’s fantastic. If The Split had nothing but bosses he’d be awful but it features tons of juvies/drones and his fear makes him useful against bigger foes as well (Sentinels/Guardians/Scions/Pouncers/Etc.)

You can’t forget how gravy he is at the end section either, gives you breathing room after you stomp Swarmak from all the drones/juvies.

If you really want to mention a hive Paduk is awful in its probably The Line.

I’ve noticed that alot of Hives do this - the 1st section gives you normal tier Drones; and then in section 2 they upgrade them to Elite variants (including Grenadiers, Sniper’s etc).

Lethal Engagements does this. So does The Surge, The Split, Gatekeepers, The Ambush, The Warren, The Choke, The Corruption, The Trap… and I’m sure many more. There’s a few exceptions to the rule, but this seem to be a common pattern.

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