Level 20 character unlock reward

Im sure @TC_MichaelAOS said something like these were bing looked at and may get added at some point.

Cant remember if it was a dev stream or the one for @BChaps when he and dana were on.

Perhaps they may have some info…???

Horde is quite fun for me but i cant understand adding a higher level cap to horde characters without giving something for it.

It must be a bit of prep work for a horde update.

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I read this as no sixth card or else they’ll add a 6th modifier.
It seemed as though that this was phrased as a warning that they’d do it.

Not bashing but your follow clarification helped a lot.

Adding more modifiers couldn’t hurt. They would be much better than nerfing.

In fact there might even be potential to make every (or most) classes super strong in one area but completely worthless in another area. Like:

  1. Scions completely immune to headshots
  2. Elite drones completely immune to explosives
  3. Leaches completely immune to melee
  4. Juvies only killed by explosives
  5. Heavy weapons?

Do that either just all the time or with modifiers IDK. Downside to modifiers is the potential for cherry picking shenanigens

With something like that then you could have a sniper that seems OP as hell but would be screwed without a Heavy to deal with the scions while he dealt with the drones.

Dunno why I bother to think of things but this game has so much potential if the right people cared.

PS: I just scrolled up even farther and saw where you suggested it crystal clear - sorry for that.

I agree with more modifiers though.

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Taking the request that players do not play certain characters that have gone above 18 or have already gained experience into consideration there better be something added on.

Yeah, that would be very good, it would bring back coordination and team work… At the moment, everyone just goes out and kills everything in sight, and if you’re too slow, you get bored, lol…

I was playing as Lizzy not too long ago, experimenting with the dropshot as the main weapon, and I found that between JD and Clayton, there wasn’t much for me to do…

What you suggested, or FLIP them - scions ONLY vulnerable to headshots, juvies ONLY … ohh, wait, you said that already, hahah… So yeah, a mix of those… This sequence of : here are the modifiers, turn specific ones on/off, is boring. Have dropdowns, and the lists within each drop down can be much longer than the number of modifiers possible… so say up to 6 modifiers, and you choose from a list of, say, 10-15… and they can keep adding new modifiers, without having to re-do the GUI… @TC_MichaelAOS - any hope of that, in the future?

EDIT 2: if you make scions immune to headshots, you no longer need to nerf marcus and fahz, hahahaha


Yeah, I’m not attached to any of them as the exact final product but if it was very important to have a sniper and very important to have a heavy and important for melee too then that would be much harder without diversity and could discourage dupes while still leaving it a choice.
Difficulty could co-exist with fun power levels when those power classes met their antithesis :smiley:

hahah, can you imagine Imagos which can only be killed by meele :slight_smile: ???

That sounds awesome tbh. Just having a choice in picking 6 out of lets say 20+ mods would be really fun and interesting imo.

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That would actually be a great way to give a bit of a buff to melee characters. Make it a must to have at least one in your lobby. I’m liking these ideas.

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YES!!! and non Lahni, non Cole, non Emile could still take them down it’d just take more hits much like those characters need more hits to head shot a Scion :slight_smile:



This would require a little bit of an attitude change on the side of TC, some GUI re-work, but they already have experience with these custom modifiers from Escape, so this probably wouldn’t be too much work… Not OP5, for sure, but maybe OP6? That would/could turn Horde on its head, I think, in a very positive way… @TC_Sera @TC_MichaelAOS

There is no fun fighing bullet sponge enemies with aim bots… These challenges, they would be fun

You should try running a level 18 fahz on beginner frenzy :slight_smile: with explosive headshots. There’s lots of fun to be had on lower difficulty with cards geared towards max carnage rather than having to worry about defensive boosts and fortifications etc.

I do that for my dailies that require headshots :laughing:

In fact, I am really only playing this game for the dailies nowadays…


I’m not even playing it for those anymore. But if you want to do the overrun speedrun then we can talk @Omen_LP into it too.

I came by to see if anyone was talking about this and I guess this would be the most relevant thread. Anyone else notice that the lvl 18+ is gone and it doesn’t show the gained XP anymore? Either it’s just bugged or they messed up and meant to save that for OP 5 so they took it back :joy: I was able to get this screenshot but now I cant even get the XP gauge to even appear at the end of a match. In customization it’s just lvl 18 and doesn’t go past it.


My how you’ve grown.

I remember how speed runs use to be something you found boring.

Congrats on leveling up lol.

That said, we don’t need extra skill slots. Just like we don’t need level 6 skills. Just something to work towards only to find most things nerfed back to level 5.

And they are given Lancers.

Because the game is a snoozefest that’s why, to put this into perspective I have a good number of friends that over time have moved away from Horde into Escape, the reason they tell me is that Escape is far more challenging/more rewarding than Horde is, like if I play Horde I’m pretty limited in terms of who I can play as without it being too easy lol.

Are you familiar with the term novelty? something that’s fun and exciting for a little while quickly loses its luster.

players should be rewarded for this though, would take very little time to add a modifier that limits it to 3 cards or something :roll_eyes:

lets be real here though Horde with 3 cards is still easy, as most characters/classes don’t have 5 amazing cards to put on in the first place.

this dude would’ve been crying in GOW2 Horde :joy:

Depends what… I hate sentry based speed runs, those bore the crap out of me…

But I never had a problem with a speed run which actually had people doing stuff… No, not “you stand over there, you stand over there, you, well, you have to start standing over there, as soon as the enemies spawn, you run to stand over there” type crap…

Speed runs which require people to DO things (like overload here, or the security salvo speed run back in GoW4), sure, they are fun…

“need”? We don’t need much beyond food and shelter… it’s not about what we need. It’s about what we’d like, what would make it fun for us…

Yeah… I’m not 100% there yet, but close to it…

don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve played every horde variant there was, including beast mode…

re need:

No matter what someone suggests, some people will love it, some will hate it, and most will be in the middle. Standard normal distribution, right? The “bell curve” to the layman…
So the fact that SOMEONE thinks is a bad idea or someone thinks it’s a good idea are irrelevant. It’s about what MOST people think/want…