Level 20 character unlock reward

… Should be an extra card slot…

THAT would be worth working towards…


I feel like that would make for some really busted classes


Lol, they are mosrly busted already… Lets make them FUN busted…


You just read my mind. That would be enjoyable but also so strong that nerf mongers would scream bloody murder.
Although if they are nerfing everything and giving another card slot then maybe that’ll help if they thought it out adequately (which they NEVER seem to do).
Also if they were super powering everything or increasing the number of spawns then maybe it could work.
It would also be a big middle finger to classes like emile, kat or sara connor that only have like 6 playable cards right now unless they get a comparable share with operation 5.


You know what, I agree

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I was thinking to myself today, “What ever happened to the FUN modifiers in Horde, like Super ammo, and Infinite ammo?”

Why the hell does everything have to be geared towards making the game harder? How about offering up some lighter, more casual modifiers as well, a. la. Gears 3?



TC seems to really believe that making something a more annoying grind somehow makes the whole thing more “skillful” and better.

IMO, it does not. Making the game more FUN makes it better… Characters have a lot of abilities, why cant we use/have more of them in a single game?

Seriously, simetimes it feels lime TC are in a publisher challenge who can make a game more grindy and annoying… Thats the feeling i get from their comments and actions, where they change their approach only when panicing at the loss of the player base…


Paintball mode! Make the world colourblast!


If you get nothing for it, whats the point of levelling to 20?

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That’s happening anyway. So many classes will have to be nerfed to allow duplicate classes. Adding an extra card slot probably helps balance out all the coming nerfs.


There were a ton of people crying that Master was too easy.
I don’t see them these days I wonder where they went (and if they get xp for their characters).

I largely find horde boring now…

I do enjoy the Overload speed, though: it is very fast, very dynamic… Marcus takes care of the left lane, everyone else helps with thr right and centre, over in about 50 min?

Everything else just seems so slow and dragged out, by comparison…

Now re making master too easy.

For example: JD right now, i carry
Extra atrillery rounds
Boom damage boost
Gl damage boost
Extra explosive ammo

If i add good kill, so my team has ammo in early waves that just makes it less anooying and people dont have to kill themselves… It makes up for the stulidity of have two damage boost cards for 2 explosive weapons

As clayton:
Mulcher master,
Extra ammo
Reflective shreder

If i add torquebow bleed so i can have fun with that too, how is that OP?

Etc, etc

Yes, it opens up more options, yes, some of those make yoyr character “more powerful” but so what? YOU DONT HAVE TO EQUIP THAT, PEOPLE! If it too easy for you, dont use that card slot…

Or we are gonna now hear more of the “duuhh… Why should i have to handicap myself to have a challenge, eh? I cant be bothered to unselect a card, so everyone should be handicapped to make up for my laziness” crap?


I’ve never run the Overload speed run, actually. Would be interested to do so someday just to see it in action.

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I hope to be free after 6:30 est; It is nice and quick

Please no… otherwise they shall also add selectable modifiers because a 6th selectable card will make Horde and Escape even more of a joke than they already are currently. Need more options to make the game harder than just “removing skill cards”. Selectable modifiers would be the perfect solutions.

The theory has them nerfing everything so that when they allow 5 JD they still can’t kill a matriarch quickly.
I really have no clue what’s going to happen and I doubt they’ll take feedback from any of us here - even if they cared to it’s late now - we’re all just waiting to see what happens.

I wanted a 6th card slot in Gears 4, and in Gears 5 I want it more than ever, so yeah I’d rather that as a level up reward than more useless skill cards.

It is not enough that something is a challenge. It has to be a challenge people want to overcome.

Hiding behind fortifications because a single hit of anything downed you, and it took 2 magazines to kill a juvie, sure, thats a challenfe, but not one most people want to overcome.

Peayers wont be coming to this game because it is “hard”. They will come because it is FUN to play. It can be hard, but it has to be fun.

So far TC’s ideas of hard were just annoying (OP enemies, weak weapons, health inbalance, etc).

I just want to have fun…

Tc’s idea of challenge: fighting an army of aimbots. Dont let them hit you. With anything. Go, show us your skill.


Why do you think I suggested modifiers?

there’s no point… according to TC people like to grind so its good for them.

the poor dummy’s forgot that in order for people to grind they have to actually have fun, if you don’t then you don’t grind the game.