Letters of abilities repeat

please, could you fix your skill card system in horde, since at the end of the horde they give you repeated cards, even playing at very high levels, winning the horde you get repeated skill cards!

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I have dozens of duplicates for Mac’s score boost card.

@Ektope is sitting at hundreds of duplicates


Exactly, that system of repeated cards must be fixed

I think The Coalition always meant to have a way to scrap items but for some reason decided not to implement it. I’m guessing it is due to bugs or maybe just low priority.

Think about it: if they didn’t mean for us to scrap items, why would they give us a visible counter to keep track of how many duplicates we have?

Your idea is good but I think The Coalition just hasn’t released the full scrapping ability for some unknown reason.

If they are giving you repeated cards when you win a horde and more If it’s almost all the time, they must improve that reward system, and I am sure that I am not the only one who thinks it, for TC nothing is impossible, surely they can face this error

I hope they repair it, I only ask for that xD

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I joined a Master run on wave 4 and we beat wave 50.

I got 2 blue, 1 purple, and 6 greens.

Yes, and? Still better than all green.

Because that Master Horde game took 2.5 hours.

For comparison, I did one 20-minute match of Master Escape and got 3 Gold cards. For one match.