Lets Unlock Exlusive Esport Lancer Skin!

TC and Gears Esports are releasing another new exclusive skin for the Lancer. Only, this skin wont be in your store but rather a unlockable. To attain the the new skin known as the ‘Wyvern’ (skin shown below) you must play and complete one Gridiron ladder match within Gears Esports. Win or lose your participation will award you a bright red Lancer with a fire breathing creature at the forefront.

To enter, go to Gears Esports 2... | Details, register your team or individually as a free agent. You have until the 26th, 7:59 PM EST to complete a ladder match to earn the Wyvern lancer skin. Go fast becuase there are just uner 200 team slots left with over 800 teams already registered! Get your best or get your worst, what matters is you get your skin!

I will be looking to enter my own team to play in the Gridiron event. If you’re an Gold3/Onyx player or better please consider joining my team ‘Star Platnium’ here. Cross-play is welcome as I am a PC player. My gamertag is SHYST.

Wyvern Lancer SKin

(for more info go to Gears Esports)

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Might want to remove the rank requirement to get more players to bite