Let's talk servers/matchmaking

I’m on east coast in the USA, so why is it every match I play I’m on a server with crazy high ping? So why am I not playing against people in my region? How could TC possibly think it was a good idea to just matchmake anyone to anywhere?
Also why am I constantly getting teammates that are bronze? No disrespect to bronze players but what’s the point of ranking system if it’s not used??
The game played so much better before the region update and nots not disputable, why doesn’t TC communicate more with the players and make some much needed changes? I don’t wanna hear they are busy on gears 5 because most of these issues have been here since the beginning.

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Gears logic my friend…

If I need to speculate, I’d say summer sales are low for Microsoft so they need to sell more $60 controllers and TC is there to help. These Versus MP lobbies lately are only for pushing buttons and mostly sticks to their limits, that much nonresponsive to input controls. Wrongly tuned matchmaking on broken lag compensator can do that easily.

I just want to point out that the quality of games in he past years has decreased for moust game companies. So no wonder