Lets talk horde a second

Is it me or is there a ton of high level noobs playing horde? Do people NOT REALIZE the fabricator location effects the enemies spawn points? Lets get educated a second… Depending on where you place the fab, the enemies spawn MOVE. So if you decide to move the fab mid match, you disrupted the ENTIRE base placement and need to move everything. I cant count how many times people randomly moved the fab cuz they dont realize this. They move it towards the taps not realizing you putting the team in danger of failing. The whole tap idea is a risk n reward type ordeal. Its definitely helpful but NOT mandatory to win.

The other thing thats frustrating is people putting the fab ALL THE WAY TO AN END OF A MAP. That doesnt work. How the fabricator work is theres like a certain proximity of how far enemies will spawn from it. So putting the fab all the way to the back will cause enemies to spawn closer to the mid map towards the base. If you move the fabricator more up, enemies WILL NOT SPAWN BEHIND YOU AND FURTHER AWAY. Leaving room for more sentry kills n ally kills because youre playing offense and not defensively in a corner. Also having bosses spawn on the far end of the map. STOP PUTTING THE FAB IN FAR BORDERS OF THE MAP!!!

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I am a noob and trying to figure this out so I don’t tick off people. I was actually asking about where to put the fabricator in another thread and the response was “it depends”. So do you have more of a set preference regardless of map, or do you likewise have different spots depending on the map? I have noticed that when the fabricator is put in a central location that enemies spawn all over the place and make it more difficult to have the team together but you say not to put it to the sides? Or do you mean not right at the edge of the map? Thanks

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It’s because of the glitches like barrier glitch. People won’t bother learning how to actually do horde. They throw down the fab, throw out some glitched barriers and are done. Can’t wait till it’s fixed and 90% of the horde players had no idea what to do anymore because they’venever had to set up a base


Think of a round barrier around the fabricator with the fab being the middle. Enemies will spawn around it. If the middle us against the wall, u cut off half the map to your advantages. Alot of placing the fab is trial n error. Go to private games slowly moving the fab and checking enemies spawn. Thats how i learned.


Dead end setups aren’t bad at all if done properly though. Spikefield and your jd and kait have a field day. A few shocks. No need for mg sentries.


I use em even less because the tri n salvos. Both require an overhang to reduce bloom while shooting. In every corner there arent any to pull them over to aim n shoot. The point with the fab is moving so you can see them spawning far away n pick em off with the GL gun or tri shots n salvos BEFORE they get close with everyone helping. Not SOLELY relying on sentries with everyone frantically needing to deposit every wave. Defensive corner fighting is never helpful. Ever. People so lv 50 farming in asylum under the bridge or in a room in district. Thats for farming not for actual fun gameplay.

Having completed over 50 masters I respectfully disagree. Ive done large setups on maps like icebound and vargas. Dead end setups and choke point setups. They’re all viable.

And you don’t need sentries for any. Besides a shock sentry or 2 to stun targets.

The mg turrets are a huge waste unless your kait/jd are horrible

Example for dead end : training ground spawn.

Same map with open setup, center. Where sniper spawns in versus. The latter takes longer because of the setting up and is much harder, but much more fun too.

No glitches used, all perfectly viable depending on your group.

If you want to speedrun for xp, though. That’s a different story. It depends on your goal.

Mine is fun. It’s why I much rather play icebound than exhibit. 3 lovely large setups in icebound. Where you can actually enjoy the game instead of just spamming

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They move it towards the taps not realizing you putting the team in danger of failing.

Before you start calling people noobs, this is actually a legitimate strategy for the first or second tap to maximize energy. Whether you agree it should be done or not is a different question. At this stage you can still get away with moving your base, but later on with more powerful enemies and more fortifications to move it’s not as feasible.

Bottom line is if you want to play with a team on the same page use LFG. If you’re going to play with randoms expect nothing but randomness.

I can understand why some people move the fabricator after the taps spawn. Depending on where it is it can be a good idea to pick up the fab and setup shop somewhere else. Smart engineers will build very little the first 10 waves. A forge and a locker or two. Once the tap has spawned then they will decide if they should move the base or stay where they’re at. If you have a tap in the middle of a good base it’s like another 4000 energy per wave once it’s upgraded.

As for people putting the fabricator way in the back. They don’t know what they’re doing. The same for the people who spend the fabricators money to buy ammo instead of using a locker or ammo box.

I think it’s you. It’s pretty obvious that Fabricator location affects spawn point. It’s been a known knowledge since Gears 4 or even 2. The spawns don’t even move anywhere, they just get disabled or blocked. I haven’t seen anyone move Fabricator near Power Tap, in about a month or few weeks of playing Horde. They might be common on lower difficulty, but certainly not on Elite to Master.

Putting Fabricator at either end of map does work.

I don’t know what you meant by this.

If you don’t like Fabricator being placed at edge of map, you could always be an Engineer yourself. This is an attitude that people may not want to see in Horde. If the Boss gets killed too quickly, another may spawn. So if they spawned at other end of map, it’s totally okay and gives you time to deal with adds.

They’ll just go back to Level 1 or 2 Barriers. I see it done already in Custom games. Some don’t like doing the Barrier Glitch, so instead there’s Level 2 Barriers near Sentries and team mates. It’s hard to see Leeches crawling through them. I haven’t seen anyone do Level 1 Barriers outside of private games or when I play Del. They seem used to Level 2 Barriers from Gears 4.

The only thing that is spammed is Level 1 Barriers, which isn’t a bad thing.

That’s what I do. I’ll use a lvl 4 barrier to block off an interior pathway encase they get through the front door but the front door itself is blocked by lvl 1 fences. I’ve no idea if it has a name but I’ve just started calling it “The Box”. Make a rectangle of lvl 1 fences. They come to a near complete stop but more importantly they don’t stop to destroy them like laser fences. Even better if you have another class that can build fences for when the engineer had built too many.

There’d obviously be a JD to do this.

I got like 50 Hail Mary Ribbons after doing this as JD. Especially when line of sight is to stand out in open and Fabricator is the only cover. It also equals more XP.

What I mean is people who put the fabricator in the very back don’t realize the enemy is just going to spawn even closer to your base. An Example would be Asylum map. Most randoms like to put it up against the very edge of the map which causes them to spawn at the side room and train tracks at your sides. If you put the fabricator closer, say on the other side of the barrier opposite where the ammo spawns, then the fabricator cuts off the spawns at your sides. Then the swarm can only come at you from in front or on the other side of the map.

Setting the fab further back than where u spawn is never a good decision. Point blank period. People need to learn how fabs change gameplay and block spawn points. Period because no where in game its states it blocks them. So im promoting awareness to the newbies

Hello Jaylin,

Your answer is only half true. You were also given the answer in that if you like I would be willing to show you where good spots are on each map.

So as it does depend on a per map basis. You should be truthful in the correct full answer you were given. Obviously it is your choice to take me up on this, but again the help you are looking for was indeed offered.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to come across that way. I was just looking for more data points and opinions. I hadn’t taken up your offer because I’m ridiculously shy and try not to bother people. I would appreciate the help. Definitely wasn’t trying to misrepresent what you told me.

Every horde match involves spamming something. It’s a matter of taste as to what one enjoys, but anyone claiming nothing is spammed is suspect at best.

No worries Jaylin,

I was not offended by your answer, but honestly more frustrated that you feel still un-helped.

To put it Hollywood context, seeing a friend needing help and you are able to help them but it is turned away. That is what bothered me more than anything else. The game as a whole can be very frustrating, and it sucks in that I love Gears. So when you try and lend a hand to others because of that frustration, you can feel like a “Damn it man, come on”.

So anywho, by know I would hope my rep around here is somewhat good. I was honest in my offer and I am not one to quickly Judge.

Maybe this will help in being shy? I dunno, but in all honesty we can do a quick run through on every map where we can go over any questions you may have. If you still feel uncomfortable, I can try something else for you, with pictures I guess? Not sure, but as stated before-the choice is yours and I hope you don’t feel pressured into taking up the offer, but rather just remember next time that an offer to help was given.

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