Let's talk escalation versus team please take a look

I want to start saying that escalation is my game type.
I play anywhere from four to six hours a day 7 days a week.
I love what you’ve done with esports but this will not carry over to the multiplayer it just won’t work let’s see what we’ve done.
Limited respawn
Warzone rules
Squad wipe
These three items are the worst thing you could have added 2 escalation multiplayer online.
Let me go get my gears crystal ball and tell you what’s going to happen in the future I see trolls lots and lots of trolls.
What’s going to happen is you’re going to have a trolls on your team they’re going to go out get killed and sit up in respawn heaven because now you decide when you want to respawn back in they’re going to just sit there round after round after round.
let’s say it’s a 3v 5 at this point two people are sitting up there never respawning back in you add war zone rules so no one on the three-man team can self revive or even get help from another teammate because you’re getting shot from across the map now you added squad wipe this is going to end up being a 7-round game of no fun .
Not even going to mention if a new player plays this game with limited respawns how long it’s going to take them to quit

You cannot play this mode without a full squad. Its almost impossible to play this now without a full squad. Its definitely impossible to play at a high level without a full squad. There is too much coordination required.

They should really just lock the game mode to if you have 5 members. Because playing this any other way is a waste of time IMHO.

I play this game everyday solo and so do a lot of other people just saying we are saying if we don’t have a squad then don’t play it

I can never find a match in Escalation solo, but I have tried. And i get your point, but with the new changes it should be locked to a full squad. You have one random that uses his 5 respawns in round 1 and you just waste a half hour of your life.

I play everyday solo my wife’s here having lunch now after she leaves I’ll get in a game but with these tools that they’ve added it’s going to be literally impossible to play this game and you’re right we would have wasted time they already have a quitting problem as it is
Or they just don’t play or they hide and that’s only gears 4 I really hope they rethink this a little bit

Yeah man I agree its impossible. I mean I honestly like the changes because it adds more strategy, but maybe they should have a separate escalation mode for people that dont have full squads. I already said to myself I wouldnt touch this new Escalation solo. I have limited gaming time and i cant throw hours of my life away for nothing.

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I like the changes they did I don’t think it was intentional but when it transfers from esports 2 multiplayer online they created the giant troll mechanic

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Plus the new maps are huge. Imagine playing a full squad as a bunch of solos. Lol. Even if you are all playing it wont be fun.

There is a lot of people that solo escalation as crazy as that might be I’m willing to bet there more solo players than there are groups

I agree that this is not going to be as popular. I don’t think it’s going to be as popular for fans to watch either. I used to watch all the pro Gears events, I know who most of the pro Gears players are, but this is uninteresting to me.

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I’ll only play it when I’m forced to for skins…like the majority of Gears players :crazy_face:.

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May have to look at execution again just shocking that a developer that gives out 30 minutes suspensions for quitting that game type would include something like this

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yeah it was a no go solo in 4 now in 5 I won’t even try it cause I run solo most nights and no Bueno doing that
like escalation as a special event no stacked team and when u find a good lobby u have 3 good games coming
wish they would have had escalation like that since launch

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I play escalation solo all the time so I think it’s fixable if they put some sort of mechanic to track trolling so a certain amount of time just sitting in the respawn over and over maybe give him the no no no credit no points and no more time.
Definitely going to give escalation a try this weekend fingers crossed that TC tries to do something at least track it

Dumb question: I play on PC. It says hold X to respawn. I do, but it doesn’t respawn me. Wtf am I doing wrong?

Nvm. Figured it out. If I change the keybind for crouch (which is x by default) it doesn’t register the new keybind.