Let's talk about the The Gauntlet changes

I was finally able to complete it last night. We had better success using the 1 torque shot from Keegan on the unprotected scion, followed up by mac’s bloodyshot. Then, using the scion’s weapon to finish off the bastion and 2nd scion. Used same concept on the third encounter.

Much easier that way but Mac still has to put in some work. Can’t rely on randoms to be Mac so I had to be him myself. However, a good Keegan can carry the whole team through the rest of the match as you demonstrated.

Still think at least 1 locker would be helpful because most people are going to just play with randoms and it gives flexibility.


Just played through as Mac. Probably could have made it if Keegan played another character.

Good thing you were a good Mac.

Playing the first room without Venom literally sucks. Going to run out of Boltok ammo. Seems it’s best to wait for Venom every time, and would help Lahni’s Venom cards and Keegan’s Venom Boost. Not waiting for Venom in first encounter = fail. Also Lizzie could use waiting for her Ultimate.

This is me ALL the time in Escape :man_facepalming:. I have a few friends I play Gears with but they don’t play Escape, well one of them use too, so I’m always playing solo. It’s very challenging beating boards on Incon, let alone, Master.

I meant first time playing with THOSE randoms. 95% of time is with randoms since most of my friends have moved on from Gears. Lately, I usually just play Escape. If you want to add me, it’s thLrdeye. “i” is an “l”


I’ll play escape with anyone who needs their completions, feel free to hmu guys.

I think the best output of this thread is that there are multiple ways to clear gauntlet, not just keegan/mac/lahni reliance, and it would be great it there were a locker, and an ammo box. Depending on how fast a group goes, the lockers can be extremely useful.


Idk one good clip can usually off both bastions without worry if you get all headshots and keegan can nail one torque bow shot then locker the Tbow, but yeah if the team is bad it’s a full 24 shots to take down 2 bastions and maybe both scions if every shot is a connecting headshot to wait on bleed, real pain in the ■■■ that way…

Being honest, I have found it dodgy to land headshots or just shots in the two weak points of the Bastions, especially when they are constantly moving around and there is two Scions you have to mind which are trying to kill you. Was easier to nail those spots with a Longshot or Torque Bow and then finish them off if they weren’t dead yet.

Quick question - if an enemy is bleeding and a Bastion applies the shield to them, does the bleeding continue or does the shield nullify the bleed effect? Could a shielded target still die through the bleed effect despite being shielded?

The reason I ask is I’ve noticed that Bastions sometimes shifts their attention to enemies that are taking damage.

From my experience any damage taken as soon as a Bastion applies a shield is nullified(I’ve noticed occasional glitches with that, like a Warden taking Shock grenade damage through a Bastion shield, or Wardens mysteriously going back to full health after being shielded by a Bastion when there was no Regeneration modifier active), even though the bleed should continue applying to the target. Make of that what you will.

My tip for The Gauntlet, equip Keegan’s hammerburst card. Active reload on torque bow should be a 1 shot kill on bastions most of the time.

I don’t think theirs anything more frustrating with playing on Incon or Master then players quitting after a little adversary, and you having to constantly start over :triumph:

I feel you on this, people quitting after one single failure(or death) in Escape(but also Horde!) can be sooo annoying. But sometimes it’s so ridiculous how you failed that it just wants to make you quit. So I kind of understand why people sometimes leave… on the other hand, when they just die because of their own mistakes, and then quit, well, I don’t have any understanding for that.

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I don’t mind if players who make dumb mistakes get themselves killed quit.

I quit the moment Keegan spams “group up!” and starts shooting and meleeing me for grenades dupe

I usually ignore those Keegans most of the time. I sometimes use “Group Up” to get people together for Resupply.

And I just mind it if someone who made one mistake dies because of it and then quits as a result as the other person still in the match(if there is 3 of you in Escape) is unlikely to be good enough to finish it as two. I can count the number of times I completed an Incon/Master hive with someone not a friend on one hand. The ones I can recall off the top of my head are a Inconceivable run on The Wanderer with a Keegan after our teammate quit, the other being a recent Master Gauntlet run where our Keegan died before the second encounter was over, but me as Mac and the Lizzie still carried on to make it to the end and beat it, but those are rare exceptions where a random could be relied upon to make a two man run work… often times you just have to abandon the run if someone quits.

Same here, lol. I had someone write, just yesterday “let’s do grenade bug” I said “no” they left, lol.

Now, besides playing The Clock, this is very difficult to do. I’ve played The Clock so many times I can beat it with just two of us majority of the time (always with a pretty good second player).

I’ve done a couple of Insane or Inconceivable hives with just two players, but it was always a friend and we’re both… decent, I’d say, at Escape. When it happened outside of that it was pure coincidence of finding a good random. Not sure if we have done any Master hives besides The Clock in our duo without having a third player for them. But I’m pretty sure we could pull off a two player Master Descent run at this point so long as one of us does Lahni. All we have left to master without using frag duplication at this point is The Blight, at that. Even though there’s some serious contenders out there for hives which could use some reworking or improvement in how they function, I feel like. Blight being one of them due to the way it works which makes it far too difficult to pass at times simply based on RNG deciding which doors open and which don’t.

And people quitting when you refuse to exploit frag duplication and bypassing the ammo aspect which is an integral part of Escape? That’s ridiculous. But I don’t blame anyone who quits because they want no part in the use of that exploit. It doesn’t really feel rewarding to beat hives with it about… 99% of the time, let’s say. If I do I usually go back to that hive and try to do Master without the frag duplicating then.

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My last run on Gauntlet as Keegan.
Host: do frag dup for Keegan
Me: no
Host: why?
Me: because I have torque, dropshot, salvo
Host returns to lobby…

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I haven’t run into any such case yet. Frag duping on Gauntlet is unnecessary and useless anyway. You only get enough after the second Scion encounter and they are practically useless against Bastions in my experience.