Lets talk about Nomad´s Armored Shot again... Is Bleed supposed to ignore critical hits or is just another bug for the endless list?

I doubt this is something new but i still want to get some answers.

Was debating with some friends about Nomad effectiveness some days ago and how despite having some powerful cards, the common opinion about it is that is kinda an underwhelming class when it comes to damage. And I agree.

More specifically… armored shot. How despite having a powerful bleed %, the damage it does in game its inconsistent and most of the times completely useless, making it a wasted slot for any build. Since im the only one in my group of friends that has its cards maxed, I decided to do some tests, just to realize that the bleed ignores the critical hit boost damage, or in this case, the headshot bonus. At first i thought it was the effect of several cards bugging itself out like AS and Consecutive shot do. But it seems this is not the case.

Tested with the markza, longshot, embar, and pistols, landing headshots and none headshots, getting the exact same results. Bleed ignores critical hit damage, and would get the same numbers from a non headshot. I had markza mastery maxed, and a regular headshot with an active reload would do 3 times the damage compared to a nonheadshot, and armored shot will ignore the boost from both the critical and active. A friend of mine also said that Robo expert and anchor suffer from p much the same thing.

I asked shauny and sera if they knew something about this but couldnt get a clear answer. Shauny was more leaning towards a “it shouldnt be the case” but he wasnt sure either. Ended up submitting a ticket as a bug report but no answer so far.

Is this really how its supposed be? Bleed its designed to ignored critical hits and consider base hits instead for any class? Or is just another bug for the broken mechanics?

Considering nomad is a sniping class and it has perks that boost headshot damage, i find it kinda stupid that bleed ignores that boost. Specially when Armored Shot is a legendary card…

This is pretty much the answer, bleed is intended to be based off of base damage rather than headshot/crit damage. Whether you agree with it or not, that’s always how it was since launch.


I find Armored Shot to be a pretty decent card and I use it as my 5th card in both Horde and Escape as part of my execution build. I wouldn’t use it for a sniping build though and Consecutive Shot is better for damage.

Active reloads obviously make a big difference in damage but I’m not sure if it increases the bleed (it may be that I’m just seeing the extra damage from the active reload). When using the Boltok and Claw, the bleed damage is pretty noticeable and even Scions get ripped to shreds quite quickly. Stat-wise its up to 60% bleed which is decent when you consider that the Anchor’s Bloody Shot is 80% but you’re restricted to pistols (whereas Nomad can use any ballistic weapon).

Also if you use it as part of your execution build, then bear in mind you also do an extra 50% damage for enemies in Fear too, so once you stack the bleed, critical hits and active reloads then it’s a pretty significant amount of damage. The only problem sometimes is that once you lose your stim, then you lose the bleed.

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As said above, critical hits and active reloads are ignored when it comes to bleed damage, that’s universal across the board and has been since launch, Anchor’s Bloody Shot, Protector’s Bloody Blade, Demo’s Razor Hail, all work off the same system. You name it, it does it.

If anything has been consistent since launch, that has been one of them.

The only difference is how the percentages work. Armored Shot for example at 55% bleed would deal 11% per tick up to 55%, whereas Bloody Blade at 110% bleed damage would deal 825 bleed damage per tick (base damage being 750 for melee).

Even so, Nomad is still a strong and underrated class.

As much as I would like to see TC add additional bonuses for bleed with critical hits and active reloads, I do feel as though you would start melting enemies very quickly. Imagine the damage you could deal on certain classes.

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It is if the Enemies don’t run like a Dog when fear.

The Fear Damage mostly can’t apply to it.

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So you’re skipping nomad armor? Do you find it doesn’t make much difference? I feel like I need the extra safety net so I always use it. A few gnashers to the back is enough to take a scion as it is. If there’s something that requires more damage, hopefully there’s a marksman, tactician, or infil around.

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Would you kindly provide proof, source and your firstborn so OP can mark this as the solution?

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Still going with the joke, huh?

TC has never provided explicit proof tbf, but we can basically assume it’s intended since it has remained unchanged since ever, and some logical thinking would lead to realizing how absolutely ridiculous bleed numbers would get if headshot damage was taken into account for the bleed.

I do think they take active reloads into account but to be completely sure I’d have to actually test the damage with like idk, a Longshot on a Scion.

I’m gonna drive that one right into its grave. Deserved though since that leashing out by a certain someone was embarrasing to say the least.

And iirc Michael commented on this once - sure as hell won’t look through his replies though.

Yup, lol, not allowed to mark a solution without links to official TC communication…

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I always have Nomad Armor on. I typically run:

Execution Shield
Nomad Armor
Armored Shot

I leave out Concussive Rounds, which I know is popular amongst lots of people, but I find when I equip it, I forget to actually use it so nowadays I don’t bother.

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No concussive? But what if there’s an elite drone and you don’t have no longshot or fear ready? Don’t tell me you own them in chainsaw duels!

Well, Menace allows me to fully charge my Fear ultimate in 3 and a half executions, so I normally have a way to start an execution chain through that alone. For Elite Drones I just stick with melee combos and carry flashbangs.

Also I discovered that if you end up in a chainsaw duel with an Elite Drone as Nomad, you can break the duel by activating Fear, and it reapplies it again so they go into that stunned animation. Not totally foolproof, but it gives you a small safety net just in case.

You can also improve your chances of winning a chainsaw duel in Escape by being at full health, assuming nothing shoots you during it(which is of course not a given, but still). At least observations I have made of players unintentionally getting caught in a duel in Master hives are indicative of them usually winning when getting into it at full health and remaining at that level of health during it, while they would lose even if they lost only a small amount of health.

Yes, it sounds like a stupid mechanic and imo it also is, but I haven’t seen anything that indicates the contrary.

I have no idea if this also applies in Horde since there, chainsaw duels are easy to win, relatively speaking.

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Stop with the logic people, that just makes my head hurt…

Cats…dogs will defend their master till the very end usually.
Silly things.

Cats don’t have masters, they only have servants.

But I think the thread is going a little off the original topic here. Has been for a few posts, actually.

Yesh, i was confused by earlier references to cgainsaw duels being a problem: i gueas thats an Escape thing? In Horse chainsaw duels are effortless, just an annoying delay if you need to chainsaw for stim…

My Nomad build is

Execution shield
Markz(k)a Mastery (for @Bleeding_Pepper :grin:)
And either bleed (if i have a veteran or combat medic) or Rain Down…

If its a flat map without a stim provider i might throw in consecutive shot…

I use the chainsaw executions -> Fear as a way of protecting the base from getting overrun before the barriers go up.

As usual for these forums heh

I assumed so tbh, but would still love to get an official answer considering theres barely any word about this. I checked michael posts but couldnt find any.

Wouldnt be the first thing that we all assumed worked as intented because it has been like that since launch but later discovered it was either faulty or a bug.