Lets Talk about Lore just for fun

Title says it all just talk about lore and everything you know about the gears universe

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The servers are horrible

I always had a question on my mind, Which is what is Sam’s Story? I know that Hoffman knows her parents and she was named after her father dying (His name is Samuel) in Aspho Fields because he was protecting it with Hoffman, but apart from that I don’t know anything really.


yeah same i’d like to know her life after the war and how she ended up with Baird

What happened to Hendrick and Paduk from GoW Judgement? -Wrong person oops-

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paduk is in gow3 DLC I think, not sure if he dies

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I doubt he’s still living the rest of his days in Hanover since in the dlc all or most of the stranded there got infected with imulsion and as for Sophia we may get some insight as to who kidnapped her and what happened to her but at this point in the game she’s probably dead maybe she got to see Paduk one last time :sleepy: