Let's talk about Customization in Gears 5!

Dear Coalition,if you give us so many skins give us a chance to use them more frequently.
For example let’s have an option in Horde to Customize every Class separately.
Also you could give us a Random option in Multiplayer,so if we choose that we get different Character and Weapon Skins every match!


I agree. It should be easy to enable players say, give customisation loadouts slots which allows us to quickly select character/weapon combinations quickly.


I’d like to simply choose a skin and apply it to all weapons so that if you have let’s say 10 of the same for different weapons, then the 10 weapons auto put on that said.

So when you have an entire collection, you can do it in one go!


I actually like the idea, beats having to manually change my character and weapon skins any time I decide to be different since this option would make it go much faster.

Funny cause Gears Judgment had this option for weapon skins yet surprisingly they didn’t keep this small feature for Gears 4 :thinking:

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I was unimpressed previous weapons didn’t make it into Gears 4 MP.

They should all feature for variety and something different.

The dark maps like Impact Dark would have done well with a Scorcher.

Avalanche would have been good with the Mortar and Trishot.

Ink Grenades for something different than shocks all the time.

Gorgon Pistol too.

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Yeah bro!If im not mistaken,i think in Gears Judgment i could equip every Character with different Skins.

They need to make a lot of QoL improvements to even be standard AAA quality imo.

-Auto-scrap duplicates
-An option to favorite weapons so they appear at the top of your list when selecting them
-!pply-to-all option for skins
-Save profiles for different customization setups
-Select how many cards you want to make at once so you’re not sitting for half an hour creating cards
-Etc, etc, just use common sense…

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I’ve been saying this since the start of Gears 4. Simple as creating a new custom loadout slot, naming it, picking the character, all the weapon skins, and even the emblem.

We should also be able to switch between matches, it’s ridiculous that you have to stop matchmaking in GOW4 to switch characters. It makes the character-specific bounties so useless. Overwatch lets you switch skins every single round, up until a few seconds before the round begins.

What’s really silly and inconsistent is the fact you can switch characters and go to the store between matches only if you’re in a party and not the leader. It’s really poorly put together in GOW4.

I believe they already said this will be a thing in Gears 5.

Yea, pretty sad you have to go to the website to do this, and they couldn’t just patch the functionality into the game. The website also lets you destroy all duplicates at once for all characters, or all weapons, or all emblems. There was no point in ever allowing you to have duplicates saved for anything other than Bounties and Horde skills.

I actually had no idea that functionality was on the website… hopefully we start getting more updates and patch notes in-game, I don’t think people should have to scour the website and Twitter for info.


This is a thing in 5.

Where did you see/read this EnVii?

I have read it as well. Maybe from TC twitter account or a direct response but it has been confirmed.



As @Duffman_GB said,

It was when they announced the new systems to earn and buy content.

With Supply Drops, you get exclusives cards earned through playing (time invested).

If a card that drops which you already have, it auto-scraps and you can then use Scrap to craft another card.

The other ways are Tour of Duty which has challenges for cards.

The store is direct purchase.




Ryan confirmed dupes would be destroyed automatically

So now as seen in new Arcade mode in Gears 5,it is the perfect opportunity to have the option to equip every Character with different skins.
Also if new Horde mode supports switching Characters during the match it should be done there also.
And in Split-Screen you could share Customizations with guests.