Let's talk about constant 0 points

First off, Escalation main game mode here that I play

Ever since the update, 4/6 of every win results in a 0 points. It doesn’t matter if you get MVP or play horrible. People aren’t even quitting and your constantly getting 0 points.

The frustrating part is when you win 4 or 5 games and get 0 points then lose one against some Sweats in a 4 - 5 game, you lose 1800 points and its near impossible to gain it back.

I don’t see any threads on this so is it really just me and my team experiencing this?

What would really be good, and I’m not saying you are wrong- would be to take screenshots of your match rosters, and results screens. This will help tc investigate, as well as the community to give you feedback on your experience.

I think its more of a problem with players, as I encountered couple times that someone quits on the end of first round (or any other round) to comeback right after start next round, then magically you get 0 points from a match. I have diamond 1 on koth and tdm and this situation is annoying, once i met a player that quit after he was killed to get back right after 1 minute, and did it 20 times on 1 match. Of course whole of our squad got 0 points.


yes you are correct, the re-joining of a disconnect throws the system out

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That’s been happening to me since I hit onyx, before that a win and MVP were guaranteed points…there has been guys leaving and rejoining though like the above poster has said.

aside from quitting and re-joining of people, 0 points is a safety net for the players who complained about losing points when winning.

before they would lose points but now they get 0 points, which is pathetic in my opinion

anyways, the system is worse for me now

i recently mega carried a game, a teammate left us 4v5 and i kept fighting. he joins back in like something out of a twisted horror movie and then we make a comeback…and one of them quits! now we have a 5v4!!!

what do i get for my twisted epic fight? 0 points.

in the previous system, the individual system, i would have gone positive.

In previous system you would still end up with zero or negative points. You ended match with 1 player more than oponent team. I highly doubt if system tracks quitting and rejoining while match. Now it catches first quit and stops tracking rest of rounds for both teams. Eventually zeros the negative points for winning team.

I definitely see where someone leaving and coming back would throw the system and give 0 points. However, this isn’t that situation. When I play some games tonight I will definitely screenshot.

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Here you go MVP, underdog by 12k pts. 0 points rewarded for winning 7-4.