Let's talk about Carmine... (Speculation)

I was going to add a spoiler alert to this but since it was in the trailer we all kind of know that Clayton will be in some form, returning to the story. How big of a role do you guys think he will have? Just a cameo? A few lines? Or be a big part of the story? Also do you guys think he will finally meet his fate in this one? Why do you think he is coming out of retirement from his Carmine Construction Company? (as seen on multiple weapons) was he just itching to kill some things? Or is there a sub plot of him trying to avenge Gary? (Judging from the tattoo on Grays arm, I have made video speculation Gary is Claytons son, maybe Clay wants vengeance for that.

However this may come as a twist to you guys but it is my opinion that Gary never died. If you watch him closely the pod never crushed him it hit next to him and he jumped out of the way. Later in the next cutscene (cut scenes which aren’t just thrown together, they are meticulously created) you see Gary identified clearly by his unique glowing bandolier and googles up on the tower during the night time raid cutscene out of the bars on the metal door, very easily missed by 99% of players.

Now a point you guys may want to bring up is “gArY wAs In ThE zOmBiE pAcK” this means absolutely nothing due to him being seen alive after his supposed death, his wounds on his ckrpse were not representative of him being crushed, as the other carmine’s wounds were directly inspired by their own fates. Furthermore Gary’s name was added on in blood to the reveal picture as if it was not a part of the intial pack for some odd reason. Plus by adding that, it throws you off the trail, making you think he is dead so that when Clay and Gary are reunited in Gears 5 it is much more of a shocking and amazing moment. But that’s just my opinion however, if I am wrong that only means that G. Carmine was not given a good death like the others and they have a bad habit of reusing character models of unique characters (which I don’t think is the case)

I am at work or I would add photos for you guys, let me know what you think down below!

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What’s a Carmine?

If you mean the brothers,

The best was Anthony and Ben.

C and G were duds.

I wanna see Daisy Carmine next.

Clayton was cool besides his younger brothers while Gary didn’t even get past 1 chapter and had no spoken dialogue in the story.

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Clayton was very cool indeed. I wish Gary had a lot more on screen time as well

We can almost guarantee that Clayton will only be present for that battle in Vasgar. So a chapter or 2 I’d say, around Act 4.

Lets just say in advance.

R.I.P. in pepperoni

Gary was not seen alive post death. Those were just re used models and we can literally see two of ‘him’ in the same scene just before the swarm attack. Gary’s model was used as he is the only one that has lights on his body and it was a dark scene so they had to use that model. Nothing more nothing less.

Also, when the zombie pack was released this was in their description:

“The Zombie Carmine pack features the trio of carmines who met their fate in the gears sega. Anthony, Ben and (Lets face it) Gary Carmine are available now through the zombie Carmine Gear Pack”

You also say if you look closely you can see the pod not hit him.
Dude… you’re not meant to zoom in. The animation that plays when the pod hits Gary it LITERALLY the “Gore Off- Bodied animation’ Gary was just a small Easter egg as Michael Gough couldn’t return to voice a new Carmine at the time.

Let’s just say Gary did survive that, why would he immediately be guarding the wall mere hours after being smashed with a pod.

Gary was seen alive post death very clearly.

A game company dosen’t reuse unique models that would be a very poor business and designing practice. Also he is the ONLY person glowing in that scene. He is not a reused model. That’s like saying oh Aaron griffin is in every stranded camp because they didn’t feel like using a generic model. No.

I already commented about the pack how it is added on and meant to throw you off.

Lastly an obviously when my whole point is HE DID NOT GET HIT THEY ANIMATED HIM JUMPING/GETTING PUSHED OUT OF THE WAY when the pod hit the turret he was using, then he wouldn’t need time to heal cause he was not in fact hurt… and yes you are supposed to be looking you specifically are prompted to press Y so it zooms in on you looking at him


What you just typed is seriously the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. I am now dumber for have read that.

Proof dosen’t lie bubba, get mad!

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Dude, cmon. You’re not meant to zoom in. That is the bodied animation.

And why are we even discussing the DeeBee attack? Every outsider died except Oscar, Mackenzie, Eli and ofcourse the gears 4 crew.

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Gary is dead. Stop trying to say otherwise.

IKR. I’m a Gary fan but cmon he is just an Easter egg.

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Mod edit. Please don’t post spoilers, regardless of validity.

I’m sorry wtf

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Show us proof otherwise you’re lying.


Don’t know if the carmine thing is legit but someone did stream the entire 1st act.

There were multiple Gary’s in that cutscene, though. The only zombies who are still alive are starter characters.

I see more episodic role with hint of mystery to it when it comes to Clayton.

Like Chuck Norris coming from shadows with Mulcher and helping our guys in a difficult situation.

On the way back to shadows, mystery muscle giant hand rips few throats from not so careful Swarm drones and with his huge Rambo lookalike combat knive decapitates few eager Sires.

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Alright. Check back here after the release.