Let's start a movement to get dodgeball back in ranked

Let’s start a petition to bring back dodgeball ranked. Let’s make gears great again. Let’s as a group get it started


loved Dodgeball from Gears 4. but judging by the numbers relying to this thread it doesn’t look good. :laughing:

I suggested in the dev stream that they rotate the last mode in the Ranked playlist every few weeks to allow other modes a crack at it. So right now it’s Execution but after a while it changes to Dodgeball, then changes to Arms Race then Warzone.

at launch the reason why Execution, Dodgeball, Arms Race, Warzone didn’t have Ranked mode is because TC wanted to keep the list short. A bunch of disgruntled Execution players made their voice heard through constant tweets and TC caved.

Before we get any more modes in Ranked. Lets start a movement to get maps


mode tweaking can be done fairly quickly it seems, they added Ranked Execution right after launch due to demand.

maps will take a long time. there’s no way to fast track that process unless a huge shift is made internally in the studio. I’m totally with you though, the Versus Map situation is dire.

A rotating ranked mode is probably a good idea. Dodgeball was more popular than Execution. There are too many ranked modes already. Rotation makes more sense.

I just started it a few minutes ago. Give it time. Bring back ranked dodgeball I’m about ready to give up on gears 5 multiplayer

I know its fairly easy but TC needs to focus on whats still wrong with the game and fix the bugs before we start separating the player base even more

Let’s start a movement to stop giving me terrible teammates every single match

I have been playing gears since the beginning
Always a great game . The biggest problem u have is the series seems to step backwards by removing most innovations it started like dodgeball

Dodgeball is my crew’s favorite game type for Gears 4. It’s extremely disappointing that they can’t bring this to ranked for Gears 5, thats totally unacceptable.