Lets make a list of interchangeable, sound effects, to keep dismiss or remain the same

Lets begin: first but not least; in all my years comparing different sound effects, I’ll have to say that gears of war 3 & 4, halo 3, & battlefield 1; have the best from what I heard. neither the lest; this is my list of what needs to stay go, or distort: add more of this sound effect, to this or that when this or that happens. making things I consider perfect, changeable, or a must.

by far the best sounding gun is the tri-shot, in gears 4, then or interchangeable, the same, is the iconic gears of war lancer; that from gears 2 stayed and should always remain the same, then halo 3’s machine gun{maybe SMG too, but the machine gun is better and more unique}: these sounds are in the category of perfect.

Things that could change are the noise on the torque-bow; which is already pretty stellar; but could go both ways; maybe add more of this or that to the noise already; distorting this or that. However when you ‘stick’, someone on the body; you don’t get a distinguished noise, to que you, that they were; and that should/needs to go, and needs to happen. the overall sound of everything can stay the same too but could get louder also; and the frag grenades explosion effects/effects in general can change too[looks good on gears 4, nether the less]

Now, I use to really like the sound effects in ‘Over Watch’; but as time went on; I noticed what it was; it was not the gun sound effects; but the body shots and it wasn’t so much the body shots but the fact that the body shots were distinguished, from the head shots and the head shots I liked; because it sounded like a gambling machine, when you hit the jack pot, or ping ball machine; well it did to me and made me associate money and winning every time; I hit it. the body shots to me sounded more like a Wizz shot just checking; or shaving them when I did hit their bodies. now I don’t gamble, but how addicted I was to those ‘ping’ sounds would have me rethink certain appealing sounds to the human minds and ears. people like money, people like winning; the gambling lever pulling machines; could therefore bring people back to satisfying memories of risk and reward, and being rich; even if that memory was somehow always there, before recognizing it. given the universal marketing approach of spread gambling; its easy to see how my mind would associate those noises with money. Which brings me to my next point distortion, or addition’s, into the how, what, where, when, who, and why.

When your shot doesn’t call a ‘head pop’, sound effect; but lands; you should get a distinguished sound effect for that too; or when you shots cause them to bleed out in die on impact, not allowing to crawl;[which currently makes you fall back words doing a slight turn/flip back, in a yell or gasp] maybe the sound of blood dripping, puking, farting, or the sound of leaky bowl syndrome…has anyone ever heard that? thus I’m asking, The Coalition, to put a device attached to a camera to extract the sound effects from someone’s intestinal tract… THIS WILL be done humanly. and let blood & gore disabled give you the same sound effects, enabled please. Titanfall 2 may have the best weapon soundeffecfs out right now; check it out I’d you havent:UPDATED.

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and without further a due, let me allow these 3 weapon videos, to speak for themselves: