Lets hope GOW5 is smartly designed (explanation inside)

I think GOW4 has a significant number of designed flaw. Im not speaking of game mechanics or such. This is debatable from peoples to peoples and is an endless debate.

I am talking of menu stuff and such. For instance why does getting a duplicate from packs in term of skins does not auto scrap itself. There is zero purpose in having duplicate in term of skins as you can’t trade. Yes there is a “destroy all duplicate” button but on the website, not even in game. And to be honest it should do it automatically.

Another “flaw” is creating horde cards or bounties, why is it so time consuming. Why can’t i choose to create how many cards i want in one swoop as long as i have the scrap for it?

Also, its not normal to see a team of 3 gold / 2 onyx-1 being matched with a team of 3 diamonds 2 onyx-3. Maybe GOW4 is not populated enough for this matchmaking system, but its either “do it right” or just don’t do it.

To be honest i would kinda prefer the game goes back to matchmaking against a random team regardless of skills like in the old days. That way even if you lost 2 matches against much better teams, eventually you would be matched against players of lesser skills.

Its just i feel i often get matched against players with a much highter rank than me and sometimes it can prove to be very annoying when chaining defeats because you just play much better peoples than you. I know my rank won’t be downgrade, by getting losses is just not fun.

Also i really hope this whole “2 player maximum” rule for social does not come back. Either kill social entirely (but put a lone wolf/2 man rank playlist) or allow team of 5 to do social as well.

Sometimes i just want to play with friends who are not that good without having to fear to loose tons of ranked games.

I also hope the developer can update on the fly without having to deal with a designed thing that make no sense. For instance 2 vs 2 games. We shouldn’t have to vote for boxes… its 3 times the same map. It should start right away… save us times.

Its all of that i hope they think carefully and can make adjustement on the fly in the next game.

I could go on more too, like having to find a horde card in a pack before being able to create it, made sense at release due to the “normal” number of cards there was, but for somebody picking the game today its litteraly hell to get all the purple horde cards. Even as a day one adopter it took me so long to finally get FLOW for the classy achievement. I was starting to feel desperate. It does not help too that the game encourage us to buy “special packs” wich never have any horde cards in them. Obviously we want the special characters wich are there for a limited time duh…

Anyway thats what i mean…

Its funny cause i have huge fears for GOW5, not the gameplay itself wich i think will be solid as usual, but the monetarization and designed aspect of the game.


UI designs…

  • Opting into challenges should be done through the war-journal

  • Challenge progress tracked in war journal

  • Speed up opening boxes if they return


Also at launch, the horde packs didn’t contain the cosmetic stuff. So, I was able unlock all of the original horde cards within the 1st week or 2.

Lets hope Gears 4 is a big Gears 5 beta. TC need to learn from how 343 killed Halo and ensure they don’t do it to Gears… They are only one game away from stuffing Gears in it’s ■■■

I agree with you there.

Halo 1-3 and Halo Wars, ODST & Reach we’re all good games.

4 was ok.

5 was terrible.

Wars 2 equally dull.

Halo = Ruined.

But I hope TC really step it up for 5.

Took TC about 5 years on gears 4 to get faster wallbounce. So it will get good at some point.

I feel like unless they use another engine beside the “unreal” engine to have gears played on, the hardcore issues will never be resolved,