" Let's have a long talk "

Well here’s a different what’s up vid !

Ya i spose we already have like 5 different people doin vids on this but sure… lets add another with the same thoughys and opinions so u can make some cash on yt.

Not sayin u cant, but curious what u can add that others have not already.ill watch tho

This is getting sad.

Our take is our take.

hardly looking to make money lol just our point of view and how we see it

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I was more jokin lol
It wasnt bad though. N honestly im all for more opinioms n takes, thats why i dont actually not want u to make the videos even in 10000 other people have

Edit i said that right i think… domt actually not want u… idk… i want u to make the videos lmao there… fixed n straight forward lmao

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