Let's have a chainsaw only Playlist, and an assault riffles & snub pistols only Playlist

Since chainsaw battles rarely happen if ever. That, and one on one assault rifle battles; to see who has the better aim for such a duration of time. Let’s have 2 Playlist for both. Also in the next installment maybe include another faster button reflex type battle. (To go along with the chainsaw battles)
PS: snub pistols can go w/ the assault rifle only Playlist as well.

I’ll plug in a mouse and bind melee to the scroll wheel and win every time.

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Is that possible right now? Can you actually do that in gears 5? That’s differently something TC has to look into if it is. Taking into consideration what types of binding’s/remapping is off limits.

Just turn on the accessibility option for button mashing in the settings and you’ll win everytime lol

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How about :

Breaker Mace Only 14 Player FFA

That could work. But don’t you think itll be funnier If the ground pound Shockwave radius was gone for this event… or in FFA or pvp?

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I wouldn’t think so.

I can just imagine a cluster of enemies all together and one guy just walks up and slams the ground and kills all of them. Would be funny to see.

I understand, I always thought about BBQDanTheMan, and what would be good/funny/troll like idea for him to shine.
He hasn’t made much content during gears 5 first few weeks. Like no videos since.
Somehow every week he’ll find funny troll moments in gears of war 3, but not gears 5. Maybe people didn’t care enough about gears 5 to get angry then. That or/& less people used their mic as time progressed.
Love to hear your thoughts on this.