Lets ditch the chryo cannon and just make an alt version of the scortcher

You could even have a scorcher that shoots .
Maybe have different ammo packs sitting around that alter the guns ammo or every round it alternates what it shoots out, that would be fun,

Do you mean Imulsion? Leaving aside that it’s gone from Sera for 15(?) years why would you wanna turn your enemies into Lambents?

So a Cryo cannon?

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There should be an age limit on the forums


Technically 25 years. And direct exposure/contact with/to Imulsion burns and kills things rather than mutating them, if the Corpser in Gears 1 is anything to go by.

As for what the OP wants, apparently it is to just merge the Cryo Cannon with the Scorcher but there’s a not so subtle difference in how they work and I really fail to see the point why that should be done in the first place.


Just making the cryo cannon work as good as the scorcher does would help, the things so poor to me

Works just fine with Clay imo. You’re clearly not supposed to fight Drones with it though.