Let's Delete Ranks

Fair enough

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i will say, however, that the new system did in a sense delete ranking…

this is kinda like the old gears where you just play for XP, but instead it’s “points” and you just so happened to get a badge as your points increase

so that’s something

How do you choose a rank to face… if you delete ranks?

Your idea is pretty contradicting

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OP has yet to answer this…


Its a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. “JUST PLAY” I SAY.

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sorry, thought i made this clear above; i’ll add more details and edit OP

so, delete the bronze, silver, gold, onyx and master badges from players to see, but keep them internally.

then allow everyone to choose between beginner, intermediate, advanced and insane in each game mode

i imagine they could implement the following rules:

those who’re ranked internally as master can only play in insane, and same for those ranked bronze, beginner only

those who qualify for intermediate and advanced can play in their respective level, or they can enter advanced and master at their own peril

i think at the beginning of the season, everyone should have to do solo placement matches, but more than 5, so that the system can really nail down which level you’re locked into

ultimately, i think it’s a big distraction having badges and seeing them go up and down each match and having people stop playing just cos they reach a level and don’t want to lose it

it’s also bad that players simply team up and get fake ranks… steamrolling through solo players with your squad of five does not mean you’re as good as you think… we saw a lot of “diamond masters” in gears 4 who when playing solo, got destroyed … so playing teams would only be permitted after placing

could be a flawed idea, but that’s the point in bringing it up, to iron it out with those who’re like minded