Let's Delete Ranks

Was thinking we should be able to choose our difficulty in ranked matches…

Can’t get better if I can only play with equal or lesser players.

Of course the game would know your rank, so that players could be put in their match of chosen difficulty, but really no need to have ranking in the game, especially now that we can’t see anyone’s rank.

edit for clarity:

delete the bronze, silver, gold, onyx and master badges from players to see, but keep them internally.

then allow everyone to choose between beginner, intermediate, advanced and insane in each game mode

i imagine they could implement the following rules:

those who’re ranked internally as master can only play in insane, and same for those ranked bronze, beginner only

those who qualify for intermediate and advanced can play in their respective level, or they can enter advanced and master at their own peril

i think at the beginning of the season, everyone should have to do solo placement matches, but more than 5, so that the system can really nail down which level you’re locked into

ultimately, i think it’s a big distraction having badges and seeing them go up and down each match and having people stop playing just cos they reach a level and don’t want to lose it

it’s also bad that players simply team up and get fake ranks… steamrolling through solo players with your squad of five does not mean you’re as good as you think… we saw a lot of “diamond masters” in gears 4 who when playing solo, got destroyed … so playing teams would only be permitted after placing




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no, man, just delete it… let’s choose who we match up against.

“up to one rank above and below” get outta here

Whatever. This is what they are doing.


Man, I agree, it seems like Ranks only brought trouble.
What happened to just playing for xp like Gears 3?

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You can’t be serious?

So you think we should be able to simply select want rank tier we should be playing in?

That’s clearly going to go well, can you imagine the amount of younger, inexperienced players who would willingly select Bronze? Not many, no. They’d obviously go for Diamond completely free of logical reasoning.


We should be able to choose the amount of money in the paycheck each month as well.


How can the game accurately know your rank if you manipulate the lobbies…?


I am in possession of direct and incontrovertible evidence that QP smurfs.

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no, you can’t select a rank, cos they wouldn’t exist for players to select

you could, however, play with better players, regardless of your skill level, if you so choose

and i agree with @FaZebear98 , when we just played for XP, things were way better

if you peep the current climate, TC is already getting rid of a lot, there aren’t even comprehensive stats anymore

i know players who’ve stopped playing just because they don’t wanna lose their ranks; let’s just delete that mess

I don’t see why people want to take something they say don’t have interest in, and change it, despite the fact that plenty of other people enjoy it.

If you don’t see the point in ranked, don’t play ranked.


missed the point entirely if you deduced from this thread people don’t like playing ranked

Yea, a few people in a forum thread certainly trumps the thousands that actively play ranked. That’s pure genius.

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tell that to the few developers that make these decisions and trump those thousands and could careless about their complaints

I want to choose the size of my Johnson…Rank has been busted for so long. TC finally totally builds a whole mew system…rolls it out…and then this guy starts this topic… if I worked at TC, they would have to give me xanax along with my paycheck.
The old system was horrible. You could win and lose points. I.am glad for the new system. If you are good enough, you will move up. And it also will incentivize people to not quit.

naw, i started this before their roll out, and without knowledge of it

and the new system is already putting people off since tdm isn’t even in it

y’all play those other modes?

i tried a few, haven’t been able to get into them.